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Jan, 1951
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Apr, 1951
Moto Polo - Mayhem on Wheels
Combine football, soccer and polo with a dash of Sunday driving and you've got the West Coast's newest sport fad. By Louis Hochman "PLAY Ball!" yells the ump and six peculiar cars tear into each other trying to bounce a giant six-foot rubber ball into a goal. They collide, turn over, bounce high into the air, roll end over end, spin on their noses, land on top of other cars, fall to the ground and then get right back into the game and start all over again!
Treasure in Your Attic
Maybe your ancestors didn't realize it but the pile of trash they accumulated yesterday may yield you a handsome fortune today. By Ralph Coniston NOBODY except some curious mice ever paid any attention to the box of false teeth in the attic. One of the family ancestors had been a dentist back in the days when they bought store teeth in assorted sizes and then rummaged around to find a pair that would almost fit the patient. Eventually the family got tired of having the old metal teeth around and decided to get rid of them. A friend suggested taking them to a jeweler to find out what the metal was. It was a happy idea! Those false teeth were almost solid platinum, a metal formerly so cheap that, until it came into use for jewelry in the early part of this century, it was used even for lightning rods. The teeth were worth around $300 a pair and the lot brought nearly $8,000.
What About Those... SECRET WEAPONS?
Every war has its weird whispers about death rays, super gases and invisible submarines. By Clive Howard THE businessman got the word from the son of a scientist who heard it from a college professor working in nuclear research. Now it's traveling with a speed that would embarrass sound. From tongue to tongue, from ear to ear the whispers twist the story about America's newest secret weapon. What is it? You mean you haven't heard? Well, at last report it was a combination Geiger-radar-rocket-fire control unit which detects atom-bomb bearing planes and directs robot missiles, at them automatically! Thus begins a new chapter in the fantastic history of the secret war weapon—a history that goes back almost to the beginning of time. Probably the original story about a secret weapon made the rounds shortly after a man discovered that a large rock could kill an enemy.
Atomic Golf Ball
Atomic Golf Ball IT may not be world-shattering news, but golfers will welcome one of the newest atomic developments once it emerges from the experimental stage. It’s a golf ball that can’t get lost. Minute quantities of radioactive materials are embedded under the cover of the ball so that if you carry a portable Geiger […]
Scale-Model Railroader
Scale-Model Railroader MAYBE you’ve never noticed it but somewhere in every full-length Walt Disney picture there’s a railroad. This busy producer of animated cartoons belongs to that fast-growing group of executives who have adopted model railroading as their hobby. Thus he keeps one jump ahead of his fellow hobbyists—he not only designs and builds his […]