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Feb, 1952
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Apr, 1952
Golden Signatures
By E. R. Kurnik Whenever great men take pen in hand, they create valuable historical documents, avidly sought after by America's autograph collectors. AT the National Antique Show held in . New York City recently, a New Jersey housewife presented a bundle of letters for evaluation. She had found them in her attic. Sigmund Rothschild, well-known appraiser, looked them over carefully. "Madam," he said excitedly, "these letters are a very important historical find." Six of them proved to have been written by Abraham Lincoln's wife Mary to Abram Wakeman. Rothschild valued them at more than $100,000.
Long Undies for GIs
Long Undies for GIs are given a test by Robert Woodbury, center, an analyst for Quartermaster Corps. Scene is the Pentagon Lagoon on the Potomac in Washington. It is waterproof, protects against cold.
Hollywood's Funny Money Man
Hollywood’s Funny Money Man LEW O’Callahan turns out millions of dollars each year in his own personal mint and the Treasury Department doesn’t give him a tumble. Although his money is as phony as a three-dollar bill, it never gets beyond the Hollywood movie cameras. For 31 years Lew has been quietly but legally turning […]
Do Cycles Rule Your Life?
If science manages to chart the rhythms of the universe, the world may be able to predict its own wars, depressions and epidemics. By Lester David THE stock market will hit the crest of a rising wave in the mid-1950s. There will be extra good salmon fishing in eastern Canada in 1953. Diphtheria and influenza will strike hard in the U. S. in 1953. These predictions, and many others, are based on an amazing yet little known science—cycle research. A group of some 3,000 scientists, delving deep into history, is charting the occurrence of wars, business activities, disease, weather, earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions—even your own emotions.
Fairy Tales Come to Life
Children's Fairyland in Lakeside Park. Oakland, Calif., includes Noah's Ark which houses a pair of very active monkeys and floats in a small lagoon. The Little Red Schoolhouse is the home of Carrie, the black sheep and Mary's little lamb plus mama. Eighteen sets spread over two acres, cost $50,000.
Home Steam Bath
Home Steam Bath is a white enamel steam stool, inset, 17 inches high and 13-1/2 inches square. Vinyl plastic robe is stored in stool’s cover. One pint of water lasts 30 min. Home Accessories, Jacksonville, Ill.
His Business is Laying An Egg
Everybody knows a tree grows in Brooklyn, but it took Murray Weiss' egg farm to prove that hens could thrive there, too. By H. W. Kellick THERE'S a chicken ranch deep in the heart of Brooklyn where hens lay eggs while you wait. More than 3,500 white leghorns working on the fowl line in this indoor farm deliver about 130 dozen eggs daily. And they are sold direct to the consumer. The indoor farm, known as the Weiss-Way Egg Farm, is an idea developed by Murray Weiss. A former farmer and graduate in husbandry of the New Jersey State Agricultural School, Weiss conducts his business on a purely scientific system.
Remote Control Typwriter
Remote Control Typwriter can be operated by a person sitting or tying in bed. Fingers are placed over the keys and no pressure is necessary. Device was shown at Aids for Crippled Exhibit, London.
Pin-Up Car: 1939 B.M.W. TYPE 328
Another sweet ride by German Engineers. (yes I know this is a BMW and the ad is for VW, but they have way better ads) Mechanix Illustrated Pin-Up Car 1939 B.M.W. TYPE 328 Owner: Wm. S. Kemp, Fitchburg, Mass. Original cost: $3,500. Engine: six-cylinder, overhead valves, 120-cubic inch displacement, hemispherical combustion chambers, three carburetors. Compression […]
Plans are being made to harness mankind's oldest and cheapest source of power for industry by means of huge aerogenerators. By Frank Tinsley THE next few years may see a decided change in the landscape of our country. In certain strategic places which promise a constant, strong wind such as mountain passes, will grow strange structures resembling the Martian machines of H. G. Wells. But these will be instruments of construction, rather than destruction —tall, steel towers supporting fans to convert wind energy into electrical power.
Radiation Proof Bike Suit
I get the feeling this poor kid’s father embarrassed him during his whole childhood. I can imagine the picture of him modeling his father’s bullet-proof lederhosen. Lead-Lined Suit specially designed to protect against radioactivity in an A-blast, was designed by Leo Pauwela of Los Angeles and is modeled here by his son. “If it doesn’t […]