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Feb, 1939
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May, 1939
Visual Defect Makes Boy See Upside Down
Visual Defect Makes Boy See Upside Down DUE to a peculiar visual defect, Frank Balek, 12, of Chicago, ill., sees all objects upside down, but he has managed to overcome obstacles which educators once classified as hopeless, attaining grades of 85-90 in such subjects as writing and free-hand drawing. He can also read books rapidly, […]
Woman Scientist's Process Makes Glass Invisible
GLARE from reflected light, which has made it difficult to see pictures framed under glass at certain angles, has been removed by a new process developed in General Electric's research laboratory by Dr. Katherine B. Blodgett (above)." By applying thin chemical films to the surface of glass, Dr. Blodgett has been able to nullify or neutralize rebounding light rays with the result that pictures framed with glass so treated appear as though there was no glass at all, regardless of the angle viewed from, as represented by center panel section of the portrait above.
BOYS practicing with air rifles like to shoot at targets that will reward them with action when hit. When the target shown is struck, it will leap into the air with a loud snap. Target holder is soldered to trigger of mouse trap.
Sensational THRILL RIDES Invented for N.Y. World Fair
HOW would you like to experience the thrill of a parachute jump— without the accompanying dangers of the 'chute failing to open, of being blown out to sea or of landing in a tree? Well, that thrill will be yours if you are one of the lucky 60,000,000 expected to visit the New York World's Fair after it opens on April 30. As a matter of fact, a safe parachute jump will be only one of the many sensations ingenious engineers have invented for the Fair visitor's amusement. If the 'chute jump seems tame, try the aerial ship which the rider can pilot himself. It's safe, of course, because a cable keeps the ship anchored to a revolving pole, but you can turn or stall in a steep climb or experience the sensation of a power dive, if you are up to it.
Novel Auto Windshield Predicted For 1945
Novel Auto Windshield Predicted For 1945 DEMONSTRATED at a recent convention of the Society of Automotive Engineers held in Detroit, Mich., the huge streamlined curved windshield shown at left was presented as a possible feature of the roadster of 1945. Made of a special flexible “glass,” the windshield is a type that is used principally […]
Megaphone Features "Mike"
Megaphone Features “Mike” OPERATED by batteries carried in a leather case slung over the shoulder by means of straps, as shown above, a new microphone-megaphone enables an announcer to speak in soft tones, yet have his voice heard by persons standing far away. Specially designed for use at stadiums and other places where crowds gather, […]
Novel Beverage Refrigerator FEATURING seven revolving shelves which accommodate 504 bottles, this novel electric beverage refrigerator display unit measures only 37 inches in diameter, saving floor space while advertising many brands.
SYNTHETIC CHEMISTRY: WEALTH FROM WASTE by John E. Pfeiffer This is the first of a series of articles on the romance of synthetic chemistry in which science has solved the mystery for turning waste into wealth. "Don't throw that away!" This is the battle cry of the great synthetic chemical industry which makes everything from hair-brush handles to T.N.T. from stuff that was once just waste. If you want to buy some perfume, the odds are that the bottle will contain odors extracted from coal tar, once a nightmare to factories who paid people to get rid of it. But today, whether it's waste gas, tar, or peanut shells, the chemists want it to sell back to you again in the form of motor fuel, photographic film, or pipe stems. What men do with rubbish would turn the most efficient housewife green with envy and the whole thing only started late last century.
Test Lip-Stick On Guinea Pig
And PETA was born. Test Lip-Stick On Guinea Pig IN THE photo below, Max Factor, Hollywood make-up specialist (left) and Dr. J. R. Pratt, chemist, are testing a new lipstick on a shaven guinea pig (circle). A baby guinea pig is used for the test because its under skin is ten times more sensitive than […]
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