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Nov, 1943
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Dec, 1944
The fight on the doorstep
THIS WAR can't be won on battlefields alone. One of the most critical campaigns of all must be waged right on the doorstep of every family in America. This is the fight against higher prices and higher wages. It's a fight that must be won... or victories in battle will be meaningless.
by George Daniels YOUR guests will get even more of a kick out of the refreshments you serve them if you dress up each bottle in a costume which fits the personality, shall we say, of the liquor it contains. The most difficult part of this project is getting the "stuff," but once you have solved this problem, the rest is easy.
by Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson "Our new weapons," says Admiral W. H. P. Blandy, "can be and are kept secret, except that the enemy receives hill knowledge of their effects." Here, in a sober analysis. Mi's military analyst debunks the Herrenvolk's "secret weapon" scare. OUT of the rumor factories of Stockholm, Bern, and Berlin come periodic threats of miracle-working Nazi "secret weapons" that will blast the Allies sky high and clinch the war overnight. Are they sheer bluff? As this is being written, a hullabaloo is still raging in the press over the much-touted German "rocket bomb." Dr. Goebbels himself, fanning the propaganda flames, has claimed that a whole British convoy was wiped out in the English Channel in a matter of minutes by murderous long-range rocket shells. He would have us believe that the entire North French coast is a solid mass of rocket batteries capable of lobbing 12-ton bombs over London, each one powerful enough to devastate 20 square miles.
Planning Your '44 V-Garden
by Andrew S. Wing, Secretary-Manager National Victory Garden Institute LAST year, challenged by the possibility of the greatest food crisis in history, 20,000,000 American families rolled up their sleeves and planted Victory Gardens. As a result we have had plenty of food this winter for home use and the fighting men on all fronts as well as our gallant allies. Canned goods have recently been so plentiful that a few people, watching the points go down, have, like the grasshopper in the fable, questioned whether they should work a garden this summer or not. The answer to these slightly disillusioned persons is that they mustn't be fooled by any temporary signs of a food surplus, for this is more apparent than real. Food officials in Washington and authorities everywhere are really concerned about the needs for food that lie just ahead, after the invasion starts.
Toaster As Presser
Toaster As Presser YOUR iron isn’t working? Then use that sandwich toaster to press small items such as handkerchiefs, etc.; it works surprisingly well. Cover bottom half with piece of plywood to provide flat surface.
OUTDOOR FUN (How to maim your friends)
What, no lawn darts? OUTDOOR FUN THIS half-bow device is something different in the line of archery equipment. Its name is derived from the fact that its arrow is propelled by a whipping motion of the arm and bow. Arrows are made from dowels and may vary in length from 12″ to 18″. Bow string […]