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Mar, 1951
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May, 1951
Tripod Jack for cars is advertised
Booth girls’ costumes have gotten a lot skimpier since the fifties, though I suppose this outfit wouldn’t look that out of place at a Japanese gaming con. Tripod Jack for cars is advertised to be foolproof and upset-proof, and can be manipulated by even the daintiest of females as the photo clearly shows. It was […]
Love that Quick-Wedge
Pardon me, but do you have any comically large screwdrivers in stock? Love that Quick-Wedge – I use it instead of a conventional screwdriver! Quick-Wedge SCREW-HOLDING SCREWDRIVER unconditionally guaranteed ASK FOR IT AT YOUR DEALER KEDMAN CO. • 233 SO 5th WEST • SALT LAKE CITY 1, UTAH
Skim Milk Products
At one time skim milk was used only by dieting females. But now government research labs have found other uses for the casein fiber derived from it. See above: 1, 3 and 7, brushes; 2 and 6, straight fiber; 4, curled fiber used in carburetor air filters; 5. stiff cloth produced from bristle fiber.
Car Telesignal
Car Telesignal invented by Armando Loyola of Rome, Italy, consists of a radio transceiver in each car. Driver of rear car desiring to pass presses button which flashes a red light in front car. When okay to pass, front driver presses a button which flashes a green light in rear car.
Bike Power Unit
I don’t know how well this worked, but I love the idea of just tacking an engine onto the side of the wheel. Bike Power Unit will convert any bicycle into an honest-to-goodness motor bike in 15 minutes. It attaches to the front wheel as shown. Its single-cylinder, three-horsepower air-cooled engine provides 100 miles to […]
Return of the Giant Killer
When David bagged Goliath, the slingshot was a murderous device—now it's coming back as a weapon for sportsmen. By Robert Hertzberg THE man in the bright red shirt strode past the big "No Hunting" sign and knocked on the door of the farmhouse. As the farmer stepped into view, the man said, "May I hunt on your property. . ." "No!" interrupted the farmer. "Can't you read signs?" The would-be hunter reached into his pocket and held up a shiny, fork-shaped object. "... with this weapon?" The farmer stared and then burst into laughter. "Sure, you can hunt all you want on my land with that thing. If you bag an elephant, just leave me half." "That thing" was one of John Milligan's Specials, a seven-ounce aluminum alloy slingshot powered by a pair of gum-rubber bands 11 inches long. Milligan didn't get an elephant because elephants don't run wild in Detroit, but that day he settled for two pheasants and a rabbit. Believe it or not, his total bag for the season was six pheasants, 14 squirrels, 18 rabbits and 4 coons. Could you have done as well with shotgun or rifle?
This is awesome, you can hire this guy to rig up your house and scare away unwanted house guests. SPOOKS FOR SALE ARE your mother-in-law’s visits too frequent and too long? Or has cousin George been troublesome? Then Robert Nelson of Columbus, Ohio, is the man to help you. He’ll sell you rattling skeletons, headless […]