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May, 1951
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Aug, 1951
Balloons Are Booming
Dream up a new inflatable toy and you'll also inflate your bankroll. By John Noah "WHY do so few people have new ideas for toy balloons?" That's the question that puzzles H. W. McConnell, president of one of America's largest toy-balloon companies. Balloon sales are booming and retail outlets are begging for new types to market —but the fresh ideas don't seem to come. For want of amateur inventors, virtually every toy balloon that McConnell and many other balloon men produce must be devised by someone within the industry.
Sound Waves get your wash clean
Yesterday on Boing Boing Gadgets one of their excellent new writers, John Brownlee, posted this ultrasonic dish cleaner. Well here’s my counterpoint: a not-so-ultrasonic laundry cleaner, AKA The Hooter! It only takes 5 minutes of unbearable loudness to clean your little tub of clothes. Sound Waves get your wash clean, claims Robert Bosch of Stuttgart, […]
TV Transmitter goes portable
TV Transmitter goes portable This battery-operated RCA back-pack weighs 53 pounds, including batteries. Antennas for transmitting picture signals and receiving orders from a base station extend from top of pack. Range is about one mile. At rear of camera case is an electronic finder and a microphone for the narrator.
How Scientists Visualize the REAL Flying Saucer Men
When scholars of the universe recreate spacemen along logical scientific lines, even those supposed weird little saucerites seem ordinary by comparison. By I. B. Neer PRYING eyes of science are probing into space again in the hope of detecting life on other planets. Armed with new facts, previously accepted theories about what lies beyond the Earth are being discarded by scientists every day and the possibility grows more and more distinct that creatures, more fantastic than our most vivid imaginations could conjure up, may inhabit the planets around us. They make those startling stories of weird little men in flying saucers seem tame by comparison.