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May, 1956
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Jul, 1956
POINTED ROD in pipe on prow of boat would allow fisherman to anchor craft by stepping on rod. Shurl Churchill. Strasburg. Ohio. PROJECTION SYSTEM that reproduces on the blackboard notes which teacher writes at her desk. Frank Healey, Carbondale. Pa. LUNG SAVERS of compressed air (or helium) in cans so that kiddies can easily blow up balloons. Frank Leonard. Louisville. Ky.
BELLYWHOPPER BICYCLE, demonstrated by its Italian inventor, Piero Moscogiuri, can do 50 mph with minimum exertion, permits easy breathing and "the fullest use of all muscles." CIGARETTE GLOW was sole illumination for this TV photo after being amplified by new Bendix Aviation electronic device. Lumicon. HOT TIRES trail clouds of burned-off rubber as test car hits turn at Ford Company's Arizona proving ground. The outrigger permits extra rolling for tire and steering tests.
The Car-Boat That Flies
Skeets Coleman's three-way gadabout will be a performing fool and as easy to pilot as a '56 car. THE GREAT advances in aircraft design of the past 15 years have had little effect on the looks or performance of the small private planes now being built; you could have landed any of them at a small airport in the mid-30's without scaring anybody. But with Skeets Coleman's Aeromarine design the field of private plane building may begin to catch up with the times.
Are the Russians Beating Us Into Space?
By G. Harry Stine Viking-Aerobee Operations Engineer White Sands Proving Ground CLOSE on the heels of the White House announcement concerning the United States' unmanned satellite project, the Russians came out with the announcement that they would also put an "automatic cosmic laboratory" into orbit around the earth. The date given by the White House for the launching of the first American satellite was 1957. The Russians say they will have one up in 1956!
Fashion Goes Nuts
If your girl friend develops a few new rattles this may be the reason. COUPLE of smart girls were looking through a parts catalogue for some reason or other and arf! the idea of making costume jewelry out of standard hardware items jumped right out and bit them. That was the beginning of Geomet, a successful two-year-old business headed by Patricia Smith, an industrial designer, and Willa Percival, a photographer.
Control the Weather and Control the World
Will we win the crucial race to gain mastery over this most devastating of all weapons? By Dick Halvorsen WORLD WAR III, if it comes, may be won or lost, within 48 hours—and without a single A-bomb dropped or a single shot fired. We could win the next Big One by harnessing the mightiest physical force in the world: the hitherto uncontrollable weather. Fanciful nonsense? Crazy day-dreaming? Science-fiction? Not a bit of it. Consider these startling facts: A hurricane expends more energy in one minute than all the electrical power produced in the United States in the past 50 years. . .
BACKYARD SPACE SHIP THE space ship set among the younger generation will really soar when they see this seven-foot-long, two-seat jet rocket made of sturdy three-ply fiberboard. Easy to assemble, it can be obtained from the Honor House Products Corp., 35 Wilbur St., Lynbrook, N. Y. Pretty neat, huh?
Radar brakes, fuel injection, steel convertible tops, smaller wheels and lower silhouettes may make '57 one of the most exciting years in automotive history. By Stanley H. Brams WHEN you slide behind the wheel of your 1957 car, the look from the driver's seat to the road (or from the road, looking at the car) will be quite different. And the way this model threads through traffic or responds on the highway will be pleasantly improved—as will the way it stops. In short, 1957 cars promise advances and styling changes that haven't been possible up to now. Some of the improvements planned may not be ready but enough will come to make next year highly stimulating.
Is the Communist conspiracy to conquer America an imminent danger at present?
Is the Communist conspiracy to conquer America an imminent danger at present? Are subversive elements in this country being held in check? Asked of: J. Edgar Hoover, Director of the FBI. YES, Communism today does represent a great danger to America. Our democratic way of life is threatened by a gigantic tyranny which already has engulfed millions of freedom-loving people.
New greaseless way to keep your hair neat all day
Panda hair? Was this a common expression? New greaseless way to keep your hair neat all day Prevents dry, unruly “panda hair” New Vitalis keeps hair in place and prevents dryness with V-7, the grease-less grooming discovery. You never have an over-slick, plastered-down look. Try it. You’ll like it. New VITALIS” Hair Tonic with V-7,