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Feb, 1959
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Nov, 1959
Giant Car-Top Bed
Well, it looks giant compared to the car. As a bed it looks pretty small. CAR-TOP rig is called the Mo-Bed. It sleeps two and folds flat for daytime touring. Mo-Bed is British-made.
$100 SUBMARINE ADMIRAL Ray Bass achieved his rank in – the Texas Navy the hard way. He built his own submarine to explore the 20-ft. depths of the town lake of Corsicana when the city fathers forbade skin diving. The $100 sub took three months to build with volunteer help. A six-volt motor and six-volt […]
There is something about this image that I find very disturbing. SQUEEZE (not the girl, the container) and heated food put in by Mommy squirts onto spoon and is shoveled into baby’s mouth.
Train quickly in your own home for repeat income in the exciting, secure Claim Investigation and Claim Adjusting field. Our students and graduates are already earning $4, $5, $6 an hour extra SPARE TIME — and up to $10,000 a year Full Time. You need NO prior experience or higher education. Your age does NOT matter.
An original MI design by FRANK TINSLEY EARTHMEN who land on the moon will need a special lunar vehicle for exploration. The vehicle must be self-sustaining and capable of traversing both the smooth, dust-paved crater beds and climbing the steep rocky passes of their mountainous rims. Mi's design for this difficult job is a giant Moon Explorer unicycle with a spherical body mounted inside its rolling rim and composed almost entirely of inflated fabric parts. These constitute the lightest possible structure and can be easily disassembled and deflated for storage. The Moon Explorer is 32 ft. high. It is driven by electric motors and stabilized and steered by gyroscopic tilting. Power is derived from a circular "parasol" faced with solar batteries that always face the sun. Those atop the disc are of the light-actuated type. The bottom units are thermal generators, extracting electricity from reflected ground heat. This arrangement uses every inch of area and constitutes a simple, long-lived generator with no moving parts. It not only produces free power but also serves to shield the vehicle's body from the burning rays of the unfiltered lunar sun. Despite its large size, the parasol is extremely light in weight. It consists of an envelope of thin, inflated fabric, stiffened by internal spokes and a rim of inflated tubing. It is carried above the wheel tread on four light magnesium legs and mounted on a ball-joint so it can be tilted to any angle. An electric eye, linked to gyros in the hub, controls its movements automatically.
RUBBER rollers instead of blades on German practice ice skates can be used at home. They are noiseless, will not scratch floor.
I’m really not sure what this has to do with Apaches, but damn! Spikes and acid? “BASH AN APACHE” says this Paris cab driver, showing teeth, nail-studded bully, acid squirter he uses on tough customers Update: In the comments Stannous explains the term Apache. It’s actually much more interesting than the picture: Not the Indians- […]
Am I the only one who thinks this looks a bit like the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile? SWEDISH DREAM CAR SWEDISH carrot juice maker Sig-vard Berggren built his own Future. That’s the name of his dream car which looks like a wingless plane. He installed a Ford V8 engine in a ’38 Dodge chassis and plans […]
Russian car-sled has speed of about 45 mph, can tote 1,100-lb. load over firm snow.