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Jun, 1938
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Aug, 1938
Hand Iron Creates Steam, Eases Work
Hand Iron Creates Steam, Eases Work A NEW hand iron, which contains a water chamber from which steam emerges through holes at the tip of the ironing surface, has been developed. Distribution of the steam is said to do away with the need for sprinkling, dampening and rolling the material to be ironed. The iron […]
Machine Records Voice For Verbal Postal Messages
Machine Records Voice For Verbal Postal Messages Sending a verbal postal message to friends instead of a postcard or letter is a new service available to residents of Amsterdam, Holland. A coin-operated machine installed in one of the city’s post offices is fitted with a small microphone into which the customer speaks, limiting the message […]
Proposes Orientable Roof-Top Airports For Cities
It sure would screw up your property value if someone tried to build a billion ton sky-darkening airport over your house. Also I’m not quite sure why it needs to rotate…. bonus feature? Proposes Orientable Roof-Top Airports For Cities PROPOSED as a solution to the problem of locating an airport in the heart of any […]
Carves Novel Objects From Lumps Of Coal
Carves Novel Objects From Lumps Of Coal CARVING beautiful novelties from lumps of coal is the unique business engaged in by Charles H. Cunningham, of Summit Hill, Pa. Two of his carvings—a fireman’s trumpet and a football—are shown in the photo at right.
Revolution In Toilet Technology
It may look commonplace now, but in 1938 this was cutting edge. This is the ancestor of all those “hybrid” devices everyone is so fond of today. Whever you snap a picture with your camera phone, or make breakfast with your mp3 playing waffle iron, remember, it all started with the toilet shelf. Tank Unit […]
Muzzle Safeguards Chickens
Muzzle Safeguards Chickens EASILY attached to a chicken’s beak, a new aluminum muzzle prevents vicious picking, cannibalism and feather pulling. The muzzle is so delicately balanced that it automatically swings out of the way when the chicken lowers its head for eating and drinking, swinging back into a closed position when the bird raises its […]
Alternate Uses for Hot Things
Hair Drier Becomes Sawdust Blower Upper left-—A small electric hair drier mounted on a box standing beside a jig saw will be found useful for removing sawdust as fast as it forms. Iron Heats Water Above—If a curling iron is sterilized with boiling water and carefully washed, it will be found useful as an immersion […]
Automatic Lard Ladling Device
Builds Automatic Lard Ladling Device A DISPENSING device that enables him to measure out any amount of lard in about one-fifth of the time required by the usual hand-dip method has been developed by Martin L. Jackson, a store operator in Winston-Salem, N. C. The home-built dispenser features a small handle which, when turned, ejects […]
New Device Permits Patient To Administer Gas
Sticking with the theme of nitrous oxide, we have this adorable piece of head-gear. New Device Permits Patient To Administer Gas A NEW device makes it possible for a patient to administer gas rather than having it done by the dentist. The patient takes the gas by working a small bulb held in the hand. […]
"Radio Nurse" Watches Child
Did you think that the baby monitor was a recent invention? “Radio Nurse” Watches Child A “RADIO NURSE” now brings the nursery into the living room, kitchen, or any other room desired. When a child is sleeping or playing in a room when no older persons are present, every sound within that room can be […]
Metal Lungs Give Life
DEATH stands at the hospital bedside, waiting. Beneath the covers, a gasping youngster rights for breath. He is a'victim of infantile paralysis. Slowly, cruelly, the dreadful fingers of paralysis clutch at the chest muscles which pump the breath of life through his body. Soon those muscles will cease to function and the youngster will cease to breathe. But death has not reckoned with the mechanical ingenuity of man.
Safety Belt Devised For Car
Safety Belt Devised For Car DESIGNED to hold passengers firmly in their seats in event of a crash so that they will not be thrown violently against the car interior, a newly developed safety belt for automobiles may eliminate injuries attributed to this cause.