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Jun, 1939
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Sep, 1939
Girl Exhibits Safety Gadgets
Girl Exhibits Safety Gadgets DENORE DOLIN prepares herself for all sorts of emergencies by wearing some of the safety devices exhibited at a safety show in New York City. Around her neck is a felt filter respirator. A transparent mask protects her face. Steel plating encases her shins and feet. The toe-guards, capable of withstanding […]
Mental Poisoning!
Thoughts that Enslave Minds Tortured souls. Human beings whose self-confidence and peace of mind have been torn to shreds by invisible darts—the evil thoughts of others. Can envy, hate and jealousy be projected through space from the mind of another? Do poisoned thoughts, like mysterious rays, reach through the ethereal realms to claim innocent victims? All of us, from day to day and hour to hour, in every walk of life, in every circumstance, are possible victims of mental poisoning, unless we understand its nature, and can quickly recognize its infectious innoculation.
Arabs Try Out Skis On Sands Of Desert
Arabs Try Out Skis On Sands Of Desert ANEW idea for ski enthusiasts comes, not from the frozen north, but from the hot sands of the Sahara Desert. A couple of Arabs are shown here, trying their hand—or should we say their foot?—at this new form of desert travel. The bottom surfaces of their skis […]
President Gets Telegraph Key
I was not aware that F.D.R gave many speeches via telegraph. I must say his fireside chats would have lost something if they were entirely composed of dots and dashes. President Gets Telegraph Key A new official telegraph key for the White House, for use when Presidents officiate by proxy at distant ceremonies, has been […]
Invents Wrist Watch Camera
Invents Wrist Watch Camera A WRIST watch camera is the brain child of Jujiro Ichiki, Japanese inventor. It takes real pictures, making 36 exposures with one loading, and is equipped with an f .4.5 lens. The focusing scale graduates from one foot to infinity. What a wonderful device this would be for a spy!
Science Secrets Revealed at New York Worlds Fail
Cosmic rays, electronic energy and light power axe but a few of the invisible influences harnessed by science, whose magic show dramatizes its researches and discoveries for the Fair's sixty-million visitors. Here's a partial review to whet your appetite for this fascinating scientific show. by Stanley Gerstin SCIENTISTS at the New York World's Fair are putting on a show that makes Aladdin and his magic lamp look like a piker! They are in control of invisible forces whose secrets they use to baffle, amaze and entertain! So don't take it on the lam if you hear your voice come in the door and go out the window. And don't see your eye doctor if you suddenly observe an electric fan reverse its motion and cut capers when mesmerized by a flickering light. For this is part of the show—and the show will have only just begun. Shortly, a gigantic Frankenstein of aluminum, obeying the barked commands of its human director, will take over as a master of ceremonies in this fantastic temple of science.
Machine Builds Muscles
Machine Builds Muscles THE young lady below is getting all the beneficial effects of rowing and riding from the machine on which she is exercising. It strengthens and stimulates muscles and internal organs.
Soldiers Wear Camouflage
That is some pretty amazing camouflage there. Why, I almost mistook them for trees. Trees with binoculars and handguns…. Soldiers Wear Camouflage The men in the above picture are not inhavitants of Mars. They are only British soldiers, wearing camouflage in their helmets during a mimic battle.