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May, 1962
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Jun, 1967
MIMI - Sav-A-Life
See the man. He is throwing an apple to the lady in the water. The lady puts on a lifesaver and smiles at the camera. The man is angry. He wants his apple back. Now the lady is biting the stem of the apple. Her bathing suit is all dry. The apple is a Sav-A-Life. She is pulling the ring to activate it.
BY LESTER DAVID YOU'RE a businessman with a rough problem to analyze but your brain is fagged and answers don't come. You slide open your desk drawer, reach for the buff-colored pills, gulp one. The scrambled wits reassemble themselves like magic and soon you're sharp as a tack again.
What's New
TOGETHERNESS by the tubful is the latest in bathroom decor. Twin tubs were designed by Gerald and Phyllis Yellin, a Manhasset N. Y. couple who believe that cleanliness is being next to your spouse. MUSIC typewriter has 46 characters and can copy almost any kind of musical notation. Photo shows inventor Lily Pavey of Britain using the Imperial Pavey Musigraph.
TV Goes Out
You’d think that if their owners were really so swinging they could think of something better to do at the beach than watch TV… TV Goes Out A GROWING demand for TV sets that, like their swinging owners, go-go anywhere has led Exide to produce the Personal Power Pack. The unit contains a lead/acid storage […]
JOUSTING: NEWEST WATER SPORT OOPS! Total victory is rare in this sport for flipping an opponent usually means loss of your own balance. Jousters use 10-ft., rubber-tipped aluminum poles and the tippy floats are truck inner tubes topped with 3/4-in. plywood. The Johnson Outboard Motors crew staged this upset in motel pool at Cypress Gardens, […]