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Aug, 1951
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Oct, 1951
Why Don't We Build... Voice Bombs
Dropped from bombers over hostile territory, midget tape recorders suspended from balloons could speak messages of propaganda directly to enemy soldiers. By Robert Hertzberg IT is an hour before dawn. Exhausted from long nights and days of continual battle, enemy troops are enjoying a brief respite, sleeping fitfully in their foxholes. Suddenly the night air is shattered by a voice thundering from above. In a few minutes hiding places are emptied as the bewildered soldiers, startled into alertness, seek to identify this strange, new apparition. They listen as the voice speaks in their native tongue. "Oppressed citizens of the dictatorship, this is the voice of friends advising you to surrender. Unless you turn on the cruel masters who forced you into a senseless war—unless you lay down the arms you have taken up against us—we will be forced to destroy you with our superior numbers and deadly weapons. Be smart—live! You outnumber your superiors a hundred to one—obey their treacherous orders no longer! Surrender! You will be treated fairly ..."
Strictly From Hunger
Bolts and bed springs may not be on your menu but some people swallow them and manage to stay alive. By West F. Peterson "DOC, I've got an awful stomach-ache." a steelworker of Gary, Ind., complained recently to his physician. "It's been bothering me ever since I was in jail on a trumped-up assault and battery charge. What do you think is wrong with me?" "Hmmm," said the medico, "might be appendicitis." He prodded the patient's abdomen, asked a series of questions and decided his snap diagnosis was correct. But in the hospital the next morning, the doctor had barely started to operate when his scalpel clinked against some metallic objects lodged inside the husky laborer. Hastily he sewed up the incision and ordered the patient's removal to the X-ray room.
Popcorn Packing
This would be much nicer than the standard shipping peanuts and popcorn. Popcorn Packing is a new innovation in the shipping business. It is being used by the DeJur-Ansco Company of California to pack exposure meters and cameras at the rate of ten bushels of corn a week. Popcorn is fireproof . . . and […]
Flivver With a Kick
Flivver With a Kick STUDENTS at the University of Houston recently converted a sedate Ford into a bucking bronco! Under the direction of W. C. Rowlette of the automotive shop, they built Leapin’ Lena for the school’s annual Frontier Fiesta show. A ’39 Ford which hadn’t been doing anyone much good was stripped of its […]
Robots in Ragtime
Robots in Ragtime THE Japanese have come up with something new in toys. It’s a mechanical orchestra and its tinny music has captured the hearts of the youngsters. Jiro Aizawa, an ex-Kamikaze plane designer, is the creator. Loath to discard his mechanical training after the war, he turned to experimentation with robots, a subject in […]
Upholster Your Dashboard in Leopard Skin
UPHOLSTER YOUR DASHBOARD Beautify your car with a dashboard upholstered in leopard, zebra, or ocelot. Cut to fit . . . easily installed in 15 minutes. Only $9.95. Order Now! State Year. Make, and Model. Send check or money order to: WEINER PRODUCTS P. O. Box 31 Riverdale. Md.