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Aug, 1955
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Oct, 1955
Oven Toaster
Oven Toaster Old-fashioned, oven-flavored, buttered toast for breakfast takes only two minutes with this new Munsey toaster that also bakes frozen waffles, warms coffee cake, toasts cheese sandwiches and browns rolls. Made of lightweight aluminum with electric coils as its heating element, the toaster comes with a pull-out tray on which you can toast four […]
This personal "preview" car peeks into the future with new features that designer claims public will soon demand. WHAT kind of car will you be driv-ing five to 15 years from now and what features will you, the buyer, demand? That's the question to which designer William Flajole, advanced styling consultant for American Motors Corp., thinks he knows the answer. To prove it he has built and will exhibit at the Detroit Historical Museum, August 15-28, his personal "preview" car, the beautiful Forerunner on this page.
Will Interlingua Smash the Language Barrier?
This universal language would destroy our modern Tower of Babel, a bottleneck for men seeking world peace. By O. O. Binder SCIENTIA salta le barrieras de lingua. Puzzling words? But look them over a moment—don't they seem familiar, as if you almost knew the meaning? Well, you do! If you know Spanish, French or any Romance language, you will have little trouble reading it at first glance. But assume you're the typical non-linguist who knows only English, outside of gesundeit, parlez-vous, and some choice swear-words in Kurdu you got from a sailor. Look that phrase over again.
TV's Tiniest Actress
Barbra Loden cavorts in miniature on the Ernie Kovacs' show, astounding and amusing audiences with her feats. BARBRA Loden is TV's tiniest performer by virtue of electronic wizardry. In reality she's a shapely 5 ft., 5 in., 112-pound gal with a mighty fine specification sheet reading 36-23-34. She performs on Ernie Kovacs' show twice a week, cavorting through a series of weird Lilliputian escapades dreamed up by Kovacs and director Barry Shear.
An eyewitness report on the fate of German scientists enslaved behind the Iron Curtain. By Dr. Otto Maar FOR six months we have been imprisoned in the Bautzen detention camp—the first six months of a 25-year sentence to which we were condemned by a Soviet Military Court for supposed espionage and "anti-Soviet propaganda." We squat all day on our bunks, because the cell is so small that we cannot move around in it. One begins to run out of conversation after half a year and the only break comes at meal- times. It is an advantage to have studied physics and mathematics; you find many problems to ponder and in the seclusion of a cell it is easier to think out many of these than when free. But it is tiresome to solve differential equations in your head. A kingdom for a scrap of paper and a pencil!
TALL enough...but what does she think?
you may think you’re TALL enough…but what does she think? No doubt in YOUR mind, or HERS when you wear “ELEVATORS”. These amazing height-Increasing shoes make you almost 2 inches taller instantly, smartly, confidentially. She’ll look UP to you. Be sure, be smart, be taller; change to “ELEVATORS”. STONE-TARLOW CO.. INC. DEPT MI-9-55, BROCKTON 68, […]