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Dec, 1937
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Feb, 1938
Lead Shields Protect Men Filming Radium Story
Given that radioactivity was discovered by Henri Becquerel when he noticed that Uranium salts were fogging his photographic plates, you’d think the film makers would have thought of this problem ahead of time. Lead Shields Protect Men Filming Radium Story DURING the filming of a motion picture dramatizing the use of radium, elaborate precautions were […]
Making Photographs In Color
by Keith Henney Easy to "shoot", color films open new opportunities for camera fans. ALTHOUGH color photography for the amateur has been possible for many years, it is only recently that advantage has been taken of the several processes available. Advertisers have been conscious of the attention-getting value of color for some time; magazine editors have lately begun to use full-color photographs as cover illustrations and have been paying enormous sums of money ($500 to $1,000) for good "shots." Perhaps this increasing use of color photography in the graphic arts is what has focused the attention of the amateur on the fact that he, too, may take pictures in color.
Magic With Magnets
by Prof. Victor Lewitus NEARLY everyone has either seen or heard about magnets, but very few people realize just how indispensable magnets of one form or another have become. The Chinese people appear to have been the first to make use of the natural magnetic minerals which they found in certain regions, in great abundance. They discovered that the "lodestone," as it was called, was capable of attracting some things and not others.
Photographic Monstrosities
by Paul Hadley FREAKISH photographs, in which the image of a person's head or body appears hideously distorted, are frequently seen in picture exhibitions and in advertising. These always attract the eye, but the amateur picture-maker generally considers the making of these photographic "monstrosities" as beyond his ability.
Rocket Flight Dream or Reality?
Rocket Flight Dream or Reality? Prophetically depicting what future commercial rocket flight “space ships” will look like, a recent motion picture features scenes showing a passenger rocket taking off from a long runway (left) and another super-rocket ship being nosed out of its hangar (left center) in preparation for a transcontinental flight at speeds surpassing […]
The WHITE HOUSE Talks to the WORLD
WHAT might properly be called the "number one" telephone in the nation is listed in the Washington phone book as National 1414. This is the official home of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Better served is he by telephone than any other person in the world. Better by far than any President we've ever had. At any moment, day or night, Mr. Roosevelt can select any one of 150 phones and talk with friends, official emissaries of our government, in fact, anybody in almost any nation in the world. Sixty different countries are now linked by telephone service. These countries have an aggregate of over thirty million telephones, according to official estimates, of which some eighteen million are on the North American continent and over ten million in Europe.
AUTO RADIO “DE LUXE” TO MEET the growing need for broadcasting from outside points, the National Broadcasting Company, of Chicago, 111., has outfitted a new car with all necessary equipment for this type of work. The vehicle is capable of traveling from place to place at high speeds. The equipment for this mobile unit consists […]
Ionic Breeze '38
I’m crushed. I can’t believe the Sharper Image would lie to me like this. For years they’ve been telling us that they are the inventors of the ionic breeze, that it’s space age technology, a miracle of modern science. But it was all a big lie, now I know it was actually invented buy some […]