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Nov, 1937
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Jan, 1938
Sprayer Travels Over Lawn
A LOCOMOTIVE lawn sprayer invented by William H. Soper, of Denver, Colo., pulls itself along by winding in a light wire cable which may be staked out for one hundred feet from the machine. While slowly traveling, the machine throws any type of spray through an arc of 180 degrees.
Headline Hunter Preserves Old Newspaper Copies (Dec, 1937)
What a silly hobby. Headline Hunter Preserves Old Newspaper Copies COLLECTING newspaper headlines of important events is the hobby of Montgomery Mulford of Buffalo, N. Y. Each headline selected is photographed and placed in an album for safekeeping. The upper photograph shows a copy of the Buffalo Express telling of the sinking of the Lusitania. […]
"Indestructible" Plane Built
“Indestructible” Plane Built FEATURING construction that makes it practically indestructible by machine gun fire from other aircraft, a “convoy fighter” airplane has been developed by the Seversky Aircraft Corp., of Farmingdale, L. I. The all-metal construction is such that the stresses of flight are spread over the entire wing and no single beam carries a […]
Lifeguards Use Enormous Surfboards
Actually, this is just a P.R. photo of all of the little people who starred in the Wizard of Oz. The boards are normal size. Lifeguards Use Surfboards LIFEGUARDS at Los Angeles, Calif., have been equipped with new surfboards and new inhalator machines to facilitate their task of patroling five miles of beach. The surfboards […]
Public Teletypes In Service
Public Teletypes In Service TELETYPE apparatus for public use is the latest means of communication in Germany. Dial devices, like those used on telephones, enable individuals to establish their own connections through eleven central offices now in operation throughout the country. The teletype machines are housed in compact lockable cabinets of sturdy wooden construction.
Old Railway Thrills Tourists
Old Railway Thrills Tourists TOURISTS visiting Cincinnati, Ohio, are thrilled by a ride on the local Mt. Adams Plane Railway, which was erected in 1877 to carry street cars up a 980-foot incline. Only the demand of sight-seers has saved the novel railway from being abandoned in the march of progress, over two million persons […]
Beading "Dresses Up" Auto
Beading “Dresses Up” Auto MOTORISTS are able to accentuate the graceful lines of their autos through use of a combination of molding and beading developed by a St. Louis, Mo., firm. Use of the combination material is said to make the body appear longer and low-swung without obscuring the make of the auto. The combination […]
BURSTING bombs failed to stop scores of German soldiers charging across the scarred battlefield under cover of night. The ground was rent by machine-gun bullets. Soldiers dropped hopelessly in barbwire entanglements. It was the World War all over again for many American Legion men and ex-German soldiers acting as extras during the filming of The Road Back. Every exploding shell and spattering of machine gun fire brought back memories of war's deadliness. But this was a movie war—nobody was being killed! Hollywood's explosive experts, through years of experience, have developed tricks that make acting in a movie war safer than crossing a busy highway.
Builds Tiny Bikes As Hobby
Builds Tiny Bikes As Hobby BUILDING the world’s smallest bicycles is the honor claimed by A. G. Tabb, of Kidderminster, England. He has constructed several of the miniature cycles, the latest being 17 inches long and nine inches high. Many of the novel bicycles are two-seaters.
Boys Turn Bike Into Chimes
Boys Turn Bike Into Chimes BOYS at Weoley Castle School in Birmingham, England, have developed a novel use for old bicycles. Sawing the old bicycle tubing to various lengths and stringing the cut sections on wires hung on a home-built mounting, the boys have created musical chimes featuring a full complement of notes, enabling tunes […]
Auto Gun Holder Invented
Auto Gun Holder Invented ADAPTED for use with any revolver from .22 to .45 caliber, a newly invented holster compartment is easily and quickly attached to the bottom of an automobile instrument panel. The compartment features a special door fitted with a lock that not only protects the gun from theft, but which automatically thrusts […]