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Apr, 1938
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Sep, 1938
Sun Operates Gas Machine
I’m pretty sure that gas is called “steam”. Sun Operates Gas Machine Developed by Otto H. Mohr, of Concord, Calif., a specially constructed machine utilizes the sun’s rays to produce a gas which, when broken up by means of an electric current, yields hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen and oxygen are then stored in separate […]
Device Shows Bus Location
Device Shows Bus Location LONDON Transport plans to try an experiment never before attempted anywhere in the world, and if successful for regular use, will give the main office of a bus transportation company a “picture” of the city’s moving buses. Each bus will carry on its roof a coil of wire through which will […]
Tilting Ash Tray Eliminates Fire Dangers
Yeah, because that will work better than just adding a flange. Tilting Ash Tray Eliminates Fire Dangers EQUIPPED with a self-tilting mechanism, this ash tray makes it impossible for a cigarette to burn down so short that the weight of the over-hanging end causes the cigarette to over-balance and fall off the tray and burn […]
Auto Courtesy Light Devised
Auto Courtesy Light Devised BETTER road manners may result if an automobile signal device recently placed on the market becomes popular. Mounted on the radiator cap or at the rear of the auto, the device enables the driver to acknowledge courteous driving on the part of another motorist by flashing the words “Thank You” in […]
New Thermometer Boasts Dial-Type Scale
Thermometer Boasts Dial-Type Scale A new type of laboratory thermometer, provided with a dial-and-pointer scale encased in stainless steel and mounted atop an eight-inch stainless steel stem, has been developed by a well known manufacturer in Newark, N. J. The unit is said to be the first dial-type thermometer with an all-metal temperature element sufficiently […]
'Phonograph' Tests Mentality
‘Phonograph’ Tests Mentality DESIGNED to aid psychologists in determining the mental rating of patients of the crime clinic at the Institute For The Scientific Treatment of Delinquency in London, England, a newly developed machine resembles a portable phonograph in appearance and operation. A waxed record, bearing a series of small red dots, is revolved at […]
Mirror Teaches Batting
Mirror Teaches Batting A huge mirror mounted on a wooden frame constitutes a new method whereby baseball “rookies” are taught proper batting form at the St. Louis Cardinals’ winter training quarters at Orlando, Florida. Standing before the mirror, the player swings his bat and quickly improves his reflected form.
Working Steam Roller Model Pulls Two Persons On Cart
Working Steam Roller Model Pulls Two Persons On Cart STANDING only ten and three-quarter inches high with an overall length of 20 inches, a working scale-model of a steam roller constructed by C. Hollandtrick, of Lincolnshire, England, is claimed to be powerful enough to haul a small trolley seating two persons. The model weighs 26 […]
Automatic Machine Cuts Ice Into Small Cubes
Automatic Machine Cuts Ice Into Small Cubes THIS machine saws a 300-pound piece of ice into standard size ice cubes in about seven minutes. The cake of ice stands on its end on a small elevator. As the sawing progresses, the block of ice is automatically raised about one and one-half inches at a time. […]
This Sidewalk Runabout is Easy to Build
By Hi Sibley THERE is one definite rule to follow in making a sidewalk automobile—get your engine first and build the car around it. This applies pretty much to the wheels, too. A half-horsepower, two-cycle washing machine engine is available in nearly all sections of the country, and as these can be had second-hand at a reasonable price and have sufficient power for moderate speeds, they make satisfactory installations. Herewith are working drawings of the little car owned by Richard Weber, of San Marino, California, which is driven by this type of motor and has proved successful for a long period. It is very easy to build.
Hospital Boasts Safety Chute
Hospital Boasts Safety Chute The Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, Ga. is equipped with a spiral chute by means of which bed-ridden patients can reach the ground quickly in the event of fire. On each floor of the hospital there is an entrance to the chute and in an emergency the patients are slid down it […]