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Apr, 1933
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Jul, 1933
How Light Companies Trap Power Thieves
WE'RE sorry, madam, about the electric lights. Our meter reader found some wires connected ahead of the meter indicating that electricity was being stolen. Consequently, we have turned off your power and will remove the meter tomorrow. The final decision will rest with our legal department. Good bye." The Superintendent paused and glanced at the service reports under his hand. This was the sixth case of power thievery reported in one week. "People will never learn that they can't steal power and get away with it, " he said.
Machine Vends Single Cigarettes
Machine Vends Single Cigarettes AN EASILY operated vending machine which sells one cigarette at a time and yet complies with the laws has been marketed for use in public places. The fags are sold directly from the flat tins of fifty, and are made accessible to the buyer by the insertion of a penny in […]
Sun-Melted SAND for AUTO ROADS
ONE of the most astonishing ideas ever advanced to the American public comes from Will W. Beach, of Los Angeles, California, who, as holder of patents on a sectional method of constructing 30-foot lenses, proposes that these immense burning glasses be used to harness the sun's rays for converting ocean water into steam (leaving pure water and salvaging salt, iodine, flour gold, etc.), for fusing sand into an impervious lining of canals dug through deserts to bring sea water for irrigation, and for melting sand which can be rolled out into a perfectly smooth surface for auto highways.
Makes World's Most Foolish Bet
Can you only be granted a Darwin award in the year you died? Because this guy surely deserves one. Makes World’s Most Foolish Bet TO a Philadelphian goes the prize for making the world’s most foolish bet. He laid a wager with companions that he could chew up a big Fourth of July torpedo. While […]
1933 Marvels of the Auto Speed World
Great things are stirring in the speed world! Streamlined race cars, modified stock car speed creations, incredibly fast custom-built racers for assaults against time, are all parts of the changing picture of the most heart-gripping, thrilling sport in the world today—auto racing! by ROBERT M. ROOF and LEW HOLT WITH a new automobile speed record of 273 miles an hour recently established by Malcolm Campbell, the internationally famous British speed king, and with several new speed creations along novel lines being groomed for entry in the forthcoming Memorial Day racing classic at Indianapolis, 1933 seems destined to be written down large in speedway history.
Electric Eye Machine Finds Prime Numbers
THROUGH the use of a photo-electric cell harnessed to complicated series of steel gears of different radii, Dr. Norman Lehmer, professor of Mathematics at the University of Southern California, has succeeded in solving certain problems that have baffled mathematicians for centuries.
Bringing Primeval Monsters to Life for Chicago Fair
A remarkably life-like model of the saber tooth tiger, which ranged the primeval forests, is here seen nearing completion for display at the Chicago Century of Progress Fair, opening on the first of June.
Electric Mask Removes Lines and Sags From Milady's Face
Electric Mask Removes Lines and Sags From Milady’s Face BEAUTY may be spiritual, but it seems to thrive best on mechanical aids. Proof of this may be found in an electric face moulding mask recently introduced by Dr. Joseph Brueck, Viennese and New York beauty specialist. In the mask is embedded a battery of heating […]
Build Your Own Diving Helmet
This is another one of those things that would never get by the liability lawyers today. BUILDING a DIVING Helmet Improvement follows improvement in the design of home made diving helmets as amateur divers become more and more acquainted with their use. This one of Hoag’s is the last word in helmets so far published […]
Compressed Air to Shoot Packages Into Moving Train
ENGAGING the attention of mechanical engineers who are trying to figure out ways and means of restoring the railroads to a profit-making basis, is the idea illustrated above, in which a torpedo-tube containing packages of mail or express is shot into the funnel-like car at the rear of a moving train, making it unnecessary to stop and pick up small shipments.