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Jul, 1936
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Sep, 1936
Super Radio Set Will Tune In Any Of World's Programs
JUST about the largest radio receiving set to be made so far is the latest creation of E. H. Scott. Night or day it will tune in any broadcasting station in the entire world The receiver has forty tubes, and there are five loud speakers in combination to give the best reproduction possible on all tone frequencies.
Canned Libraries Open New Vistas To Readers
ALL of the reading material in the vast Library of Congress may be housed in a few small filing cabinets! To anyone who has seen the thousands of massive volumes in this great building, such a statement seems fantastic. But it remains a fact. Through recent developments in microphotography and the perfection of a new type of micro-grain film, the contents of two 10x15 inch pages can be reduced 400 times to occupy but three-fourths of a square inch of film.
Former War Secretary Baker Invents Vacuum Duster
Former War Secretary Baker Invents Vacuum Duster NEWTON D. BAKER, whose honors include Secretary of War under President Wilson, Mayor of Cleveland from 1912 to 1916, member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration at The Hague, and a score of others, has added to this imposing list the title of inventor. Long rows of books, […]
Lightning Bug Car Is Crash Proof
Lightning Bug Car Is Crash Proof DR. CALVIN BLACKMAN BRIDGES, the Carnegie Institution of Washington geneticist, knows a lot about bugs, for he breeds them and studies their mechanism under the microscope. But his hobby is Safety First and car building. His three-wheeled “Lightning Bug” is said to be crash and carbon-monoxide proof. It is […]
4,000,000 Listen to Auto-Radios
The amazing fact and figure story of the radio in your automobile. BACK in 1922, William Lear, a Quincy, Illinois, radio experimenter, hooked up sixty odd pounds of complicated electrical equipment and sold it to Dr. Edward Martin, of Kahoka, Missouri. The doctor fitted it into the back of his car and drove off to California. But he didn't have much fun, he was too busy trying to tune in something—anything! Not until he was home again did he think to reverse the power plug, whereupon the contraption worked perfectly. That was the first auto-radio.
Laminated Glass Bends Like Rubber
Laminated Glass Bends Like Rubber A PLASTIC glass superior to any previously used has been made possible’ through the use of Vinyl plastic in the lamination or sandwich construction of the glass. Although shattered the glass remains in one piece and may be rolled up like a carpet. A man weighing over 200 pounds jumping […]
Coffee Made Visible In New Urn
Coffee Made Visible In New Urn FITTED with an automatic temperature control a new type of glass coffee urn for restaurant use was recently displayed in Chicago before a group of nationally known hotel men. Through the use of a special thermostatic control the temperature of the coffee never exceeds 200 degrees or goes below […]
Death Ray Effective On Snakes
Yes, kill a snake in only eight and a half minutes! Of course this would only really work on animals that aren’t allowed to move. It seems like stepping on the snake would have been more effective. Death Ray Effective On Snakes A DEATH ray which proved its effectiveness before a San Francisco jury has […]
Talkie Unit Helps Clinch Sale
Talkie Unit Helps Clinch Sale JUST as visualized in the Charles Chaplin picture, Modern Times, the salesman can now break down sales resistance with a talking film device produced by a Ft. Wayne, Ind., manufacturer. The carrying case, containing a projector, amplifier, screen and shadow box, records, needles, and films is very compact.
Crippled Girl Learns To Fly
Crippled Girl Learns To Fly CRIPPLED by infantile paralysis while still a child, and not yet able to walk, plucky, 18-year-old Betty Snell, of St. Thomas, Ontario, is seeking a private pilot’s license. An air trip to Toronto aroused her interest in aviation. Capt. Tom Williams taught her to fly in a special hand control […]
When Simone saw this cover her first thought was: “Oh my god, it’s Ace and Gary!”. They guys certainly do look like them, but I the car looks more like a really fancy iron. Now this car, really looks like theirs. RADIO-FUEL AUTOS MAY SOLVE GAS PROBLEM AUTOS operated on radio fuel may become a […]