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Aug, 1936
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Oct, 1936
Mystifying With Chemical Magic
WHILE all stunts described above are harmless, care should be exercised in the handling of the phosphorous and sulphuric acid (H2S04). Phosphorous when exposed to open air for periods longer than two minutes will burst into flame, therefore submerge it in kerosene when not in use. To protect your fingers from its effects powder them with chalk or talcum. A pair of small forceps may be also used, if available, in handling small pieces of the chemical. In handling the sulphuric acid be sure that none drops on clothing as it rots material.
Novel Gas Gun Is Death On Flies
It must have sucked for the students sitting near the fly. I wonder what the mortality rate of his lectures was. Novel Gas Gun Is Death On Flies SOMETHING of a crack shot is Dr. J. F. McClendon, of the University of Minnesota, who will not permit flies in his classroom or laboratory. His air […]
New Ride Thriller Loops The Loop
New Ride Thriller Loops The Loop THRILL seekers at county and state fairs, carnivals, and other amusement resorts will this year be offered all the thrills of a test pilot and all the safety of a train ride in the new Loop-o-plane. The new ride whirls its passengers in a giant loop, keeping them all […]
Bacteria-Killing Tube Sterilises Air
THROUGH the magic of a gas filled tube that emits invisible germicidal rays when an electric current is passed through it, scientists hope to save us billions of dollars on our annual meat and bread bill. Dr. Robert F. James and Dr. Harvey C. Rentschler developed the tube in the research laboratories of the Westinghouse Lamp Co., after years of experimenting. The tube consists of a slender glass tube containing a special gas. When electricity passes through the gas it emits rays that will kill the microorganisms associated with food spoilage in packing plants and warehouses.
Attic-Raised Silk Worms Forecast $100,000,000 Industry
A $100,000,000 dollar industry, producing nearly a million new jobs, can be brought into the United States with the introduction of silk worm raising, John Ousta, a silk expert from Turkey, believes. As further proof of his claims, he has begun the raising of silk worms in the attic of his home in The Bronx, New York.
Auto Triumphs Feature Texas Centennial Show
EXHIBITS showing automobile advances in speed and safety are almost half of the dollar value of the $25,000,000 Texas Centennial display now attracting visitors by the thousands to Dallas, Texas. Largest exhibitor at the celebration marking the 100th anniversary of Texas freedom is Ford with a $2,250,000 display. General Motors has a building and display valued at $950,000. Chrysler is present with a $500,000 exhibit. The event continues through Nov. 29. The Ford show includes 15 major exhibits in the air-conditioned Ford Exposition building. A replica of the company's by-products plant, complete to railroad sidings, attracts model railroad enthusiasts. There is a service exhibit showing the development of auto service from the blacksmith days to the present.
A LARGE percentage of each year's graduates of the West Point Military Academy enter the autumn class at the Air Corps Training Center, Randolph Field, Texas. This fact, and the further fact that the flying school is conducted along lines similar to the Military Academy, has caused this Air Corps school to be popularly termed "The West Point of the Air."
Life-Saving, A One-Man Operation
Life-Saving, A One-Man Operation AMONG the many exhibits on display recently at the Salon Nautique, Paris, was the latest in life-saving apparatus. Where formerly it required the aid of two men to complete the job of artificial respiration, the new apparatus needs only one man to resuscitate the water victim. The operator straps the bellows […]
Mirror Delivers Sales Talk To All Who Pause Before It
Mirror Delivers Sales Talk To All Who Pause Before It THE universal appeal of the mirror has long been recognized by advertising men as an effective medium for attracting attention to their message but it was left to an enterprising inventor to perfect the talking mirror. With his device the mirror delivers a sales talk […]
Sensational German Paddle Plane Built On "Flapping Wing" Principle
FROM Germany comes the news of another attempt to produce a plane of the rotating wing, or "paddle" variety. Unlike the well-known Dr. Rohrbach's paddle-plane design, the latest attempt to get away from conventional airscrews as a means of propulsion does not depend upon the paddles as a sole means of lift as well as propulsion. Rather, it seeks to adapt the paddle principle to an otherwise normal airfoil.
He Finds Music in Plumbing Tools
THOSE tools that plumbers once left behind have been given new uses by "Red" Smith of Los Angeles. He has turned them into musical instruments. Red was a professional crooner and saxaphone player. When work became slack in the movie studios and theaters he took up the creation and playing of unique musical instruments. And get work he did—as the musical plumber.
Out of Test Tubes Come Man-Made Products Smashing Traditional Fabrication Methods and Making Cheaply Available Shining Articles of Surpassing Utility. AS THRILLING as any Polar exploration is the day-by-day chemistry in America's laboratories. Here intrepid men with test tubes and beakers forge into the vast uncharted lands of science. More money is spent in this ceaseless venture than was ever dreamed of by Byrd or Stefansson. The cost is reckoned in millions—even, as with radium, in human life—but the gains are worth the battle. For out of this pioneering comes new wonders to revolutionize industry and add comfort and enjoyment to living.