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all your favorite movie stars are in MY PERSONAL DATE BOOK You’ll find Virginia Mayo and scads of other full-page pix of top Hollywood stars in MY PERSONAL DATE BOOK. It’s also a handy appointment book for keeping track of those important dates! What’s more, you’ll find space to jot down birthdays and anniversaries, to […]
NEW Process! BUST CREAM CONTAINS 60.000 UNITS ESTROGENIC HORMONES Unconditionally Guaranteed If you want body beauty see how EXTRA Hormones may help you. Each jar of La Form contains 60,000 Int. Units of important Estrone activity with comforting:, helpful lanolin. Your money refunded if not satisfied. Sent in plain wrapper. 30 days’ supply, including: Federal […]
Get quick, safe, long-lasting relief from cramps, headache, backache due to functional menstrual distress with CHI-CHES-TERS. They act FAST. In clinical tests, noted physicians report 8 out of 10 women obtained marked relief—often after first dose. Get the 50c Purse Pak at your druggist. Economy sizes at $1.15 and $2.25. Will mail direct if druggist does not stock.
Are you in the know?
More women choose KOTEX* than all other sanitary napkins Just met—what's your chatter cue? __Take over __Proceed with caution Maybe you point out another newcomer, and coo: "What a creep! Hope he doesn't cut in!" He won't. Neither will the lad you're talking to—who happens to be the creep's brother! Lesson: be kind, or be quiet! You can be confident (at calendar time), with Kotex. Those flat pressed ends prevent outlines. And here's an added worry-saver: Kotex can be worn on either side!
Miss Fullerbust is a fantastic product name. INCREASE YOUR BUST 2-1/2 INCHES TOMORROW If nature has slighted you, don’t worry. Look glamorous with Miss Fullerbust form-fitting breast pads. Worn under the bra, they defy detection both in appearance and touch. Add from 2 to 2V2 inches. Pure foam! rubber… soft as flesh, yet firm… light […]
YOU Can Be A Sweater Girl!
Don't envy other women. Don't be embarrassed because of a fiat or sagging bust line ... Yes, YOU can be a Sweater Girl. Bring out those romantic curves that will make your bust line your beauty line. Arouse envy, admiration and approval. Jan of Hollywood has helped many women develop beautiful breasts. He has been so successful, and the demand for his course has been so great, that he has developed it for you to use in the privacy of your home.