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Apr, 1918
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Mar, 1930
The Old Songs are the Best Songs
The world's great music is on Victor Red Seal Records Let us pause a moment, Gentlemen, and welcome the past. Let us lay aside our invoices and debentures, our politics and our coal-bills. . . . For tonight an old familiar company is with us. . . . Nelly Bly is here, and Old Black Joe . . . Uncle Ned, My Old Kentucky Home . . . Jeanie with the light brown hair . . . Old Folks at Home. . . . And with them their banjos and cotton bales, their slow brown rivers. . . .
Royal Typewriter Company
AS your fingers meet the responsive keys of the Royal Portable Typewriter your thoughts take life in neat, clear type. True ease of thought expression. . . real inspiration! Students quickly realize these advantages in their improved grades. For the whole family, too, a life-time of helpful service is built into this sturdy little writing […]
Pasteur — immortalized for Posterity in Georgia Marble
On the face of this beautiful marble shaft appears the simple yet expressive inscription—"Erected to Louis Pasteur, Servant to Humanity, by the People of Chicago." All civilization is debtor to this Frenchman, whose discovery has saved the lives of thousands each year.
a VAST wonderland
IF you start vacation planning now and send for the new All-Year Club book, your eagerness to be right out here in Southern California will admit of delay no later than early this summer. This book of 73 large photographs, beautifully done in rotogravure, so faithfully tells the Southern California story that only a vacation here will answer the longing.
Weather Will NEVER Wear Them Out
J-M ASBESTOS SHINGLES ARE EVERLASTING AND ECONOMICAL YOU can truthfully call your roof everlasting if it is made of Johns-Manville Rigid Asbestos Shingles. Unburnable Asbestos and Portland Cement are blended under terrific pressure into rigid monolithic stone shingles. These sturdy Shingles can never wear out—they never burn, rot, rust or warp, and their beautiful colors are as lasting as Asbestos itself.
Here by your bedside, warm and glowing, is the Sun itself
Snap the switch and you have wrought a miracle. Out of winter's darkness springs summer sunshine, glowing with all the warmth and vitality of June. Only a lamp, you may say, but a lamp that is one of the triumphs of modern science, because it is in reality a miniature sun duplicating the essential rays which have made sunlight the source of life and energy for all mankind.
Foods that build health can be Palate-Tempting
RECIPES that actually make your mouth water may now be made from the most healthful of health foods! At Battle Creek, diet specialists have given attention to the taste and flavor as well as to health. Meatless dishes abounding in strength-giving qualities now rival choicest beef and chicken. Cereals that have a tang of parched wheat or a crunchy crispness call for second helpings. A food drink, rich as milk, makes the most delicious ice cream and salad garnish.
A Distinguished Symbol of Social Prestige
You have only to pause where the smartest people congregate, you have only to check the social register, and you will inevitably discover a preponderance of Cadillacs and La Salles . . . The simple, bald fact about this is that men and women who know motor cars know too that if they want to ride and drive as Cadillac-La Salle ride and drive they must eliminate every other car from consideration . . .
AT&T Ad: There is no standing still . . .
An Advertisement of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company During the past two years 6000 switchboards have been reconstructed in the larger cities served by the Bell System to enable the operators to give a more direct and faster service. Previously in towns where there were more than one central office, your operator would hold you on the line while she got the operator at the other central office on an auxiliary pair of wires. Now she connects directly with the other central office and repeats the number you want to the other operator. You hear her do this so that you can correct her if there is any mistake.
RCA RADIOLA 60 Super-Heterodyne
I think that “$147 (less Radiotrons)” means they don’t even include the vacuum tubes, you have to pay extra for those. That’s sort of like selling an mp3 player with no memory in it. Doesn’t do you a lot of good. RCA RADIOLA 60 Super-Heterodyne Radio receiver and speaker as separate units permit a flexibility […]