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Mar, 1930
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Feb, 1932
Make sure of this year's SAVINGS
START this year gloriously— and economically! Put new pride in your kitchen and more dollars in the bank. Cut living costs and guard family health—-with a thrifty all-steel General Electric Refrigerator. Born of 15 years' tireless research, the General Electric offers every advantage of electrical refrigeration. Food is kept safe and appetizing in crisp, dry cold constantly below 50°.
As automatic as sunshine, more automatic than your water supply or your electric light, Bryant Gas Heating is so effortless that you can forget your furnace room for weeks at a time, yet enjoy ample, dependable heat, automatically delivered, automatically controlled.
Dual High Gears ... . . . ONE FOR TRAFFIC, ONE FOR OPEN COUNTRY . . . Two distinctly different high gears for distinctly different uses—one "high" for sprinting ahead of everything in traffic and for quiet, easy speed up any hill, another "high" for the wide open spaces.
DYSKINESIA - Constipation - What To Do About It
Constipation - What To Do About It IF MISERY loves company, the person who has Dyskinesia [dis' kin'ees'ia] may be interested in learning from his family doctor that at least one in every three of his adult patients suffers from the same ail' ment. But he can take a good deal more comfort in knowing that Dyskinesia not only can be prevented but it can be cured—without resort to drugs.
Cadillac V-8
Cadillac V-8 Sharing in the fullest measure those basic engineering advancements out of which were born the Cadillac V-12 and the V-16—the new Cadillac V-8 offers an entirely new conception of the possibilities of eight-cylinder design. Nowhere is its performance excelled, save in its brothers, the V-12 and the V-16. Yet this finest of V-8 […]
DON’T FORGET YOUR DOG SPRATT’S DOG BISCUITS are exactly what he needs. They contain every ingredient necessary to the canine constitution! Made from wholesome meat-fibrine. Famous for over 70 years as the best in food for dogs! At grocery, seed, feed, drug, department and sporting goods stores. And at pet shops. Look for “SPRATT’S” on […]
They answer that fine frenzy for things modern
On all sides you see it —the "metallic" In interior decoration, in lighting fixtures, and even in objects d'art. Alcoa Aluminum in its natural color is a keynote which bespeaks the new vogue. Chairs of Alcoa Aluminum quite naturally fit themselves into this modern scheme of things.
All that most people see of the telephone company are a telephone and a few feet of wire. But through that telephone you can talk with any one of millions of people, all linked together by the web of equipment of the Bell System. All its efforts are turned constantly to one job—to give better telephone service to an ever-increasing number of people, as cheaply as it possibly can.
Going Abroad?
THEN WHY SHOP AROUND FOR YOUR STEAMSHIP RESERVATIONS Your steamship ticket is your admission card to the boat that carries you to foreign shores. Its reservation is your first requirement in preparing for your journey and the earlier you make it, the more your stateroom will approximate your wishes. Many factors enter into the purchase of a steamship ticket—the line, ship, class, sailing date, speed, and, of course, the cost. Shopping around by the hazardous trial-and-error method is a waste of time and effort.