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Feb, 1931
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Apr, 1939
"Mary's new furniture's such an improvement" "But, my dear, did you see the bathroom toilet ?" PERHAPS you are above what other people say, but wouldn't it be a satisfaction to know that your bathroom toilet is thoroughly modern in its refinement?
Japan - An Economical Travel Opportunity for 1932...
Ceremonials out of the 6th Century offer one key to the real life of Japan today—fast limited trains and the great hotels offer another! 1932 visitors may enjoy it all—the ancient and the modem—at unexpected low cost on a series of inclusive tours prepared by the Japan Tourist Bureau, a noncommercial organization. On a 14-day trip you may enjoy Yokohama, Tokyo, Kyoto, Kobe, see Miyanoshita, Nikko and the Kamakura Buddha, motor to Fujiyama, feed the sacred deer at Nara, glimpse the choicest regions of the Empire. In 21, 28, 35 of more days, wider territory may he covered at correspondingly low cost. All tours may be made independently or with a courier.
The Belt, System offers to the public a new Teletypewriter Service. Any subscriber to this service may be connected, through the teletypewriter "central," to any other subscriber, whether he be around the corner or across the continent. Subscribers can type back and forth by wire, for short or long periods, just as they now hold conversations by telephone.