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Feb, 1929
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Feb, 1931
Every Family.. should own.. this Newest, Greatest Encyclopaedia Britannica
Every family, and above all, every family with children in it, should own the great new Encyclopaedia Britannica— the one essential book for the home — the one work bringing to young and old the limitless advantages of modern knowledge.
The Improved Quiet SI-WEL-CLO Shaped to conform to Natures Laws
MEDICAL science influenced the unique shape of the Improved Quiet Si-wel-clo. Authorities have agreed that a seat should encourage a natural sitting position. It stands to reason that the organs and muscles of elimination are not easily stimulated to action if forced into a position never intended by nature.
Is "ALMOST CLEAN" clean enough for the baby's bottles?
WHEN you wash the baby's things, scour the bathtub or wash the dishes, you don't give them just a careless surface cleaning. Then why should you with your rugs and carpets? Floor coverings can be clean from top to bottom—will be, if you clean them with a Hoover.
The New ROYAL TYPEWRITER Portable Here is the culminating achievement in home-sized typewriters! The new Royal Portable! Refined in design with many advanced convenience features added. Simpler. Handier. Decidedly easier to operate. Sturdier. More compact. Subtly blended Duotone colorings further enhance its charm.
"WHAT I WANT TO KNOW —before I buy furniture"
"I AM through with being sold furniture. Now I want to buy some. "I am no expert, though I do know something about period styles and can tell a Queen Anne from a Sheraton at forty paces. But I want to know more about workmanship, more about materials, more about the value of furniture and not so much about its price and the 'agreeable arrangements for deferred payment'."
Get all the best electric refrigerator features in this new WILLIAMS ICE-O-MATIC
Too many electric refrigerators have been sold on the appeal of some one mechanical feature. You are rightly entitled to all the best features when in vesting your money. This advanced new Williams Ice-O-Matic combines—for the very first time—the 15 most important characteristics of American and European makes.
Smaller and more convenient.. but just as safe
American Express Travelers Cheques have been made smaller, more compact, and less bulky. No larger than the palm of your hand, enough of this safe and worry-proof "money" for a long journey will fit daintily into a woman's handbag, taking up no more than a compact's worth of space. Or slide snugly into a man's inside pocket like a card-case.
It is not only quiet now .. but will remain quiet always
because all the machinery is sealed up tight, hermetically sealed . . . and permanently oiled What a lot of claims you hear these days about quiet refrigerators ! Almost any good refrigerator is quiet—when it is new. But how are you going to pick the one that will remain quiet?
Fading memories or fadeless movies... which you bring back?
Words cannot tell, occasional snapshots cannot capture the moving splendor of your travels. Bring back a record, adequate and imperishable, in priceless, personal movies. But choose your movie camera carefully. It will be too late to reconsider when you have returned from your travels. Choose the personal model of the Bell and Howell professional studio cameras that film producers have relied upon for more than 23 years in making theater movies. Choose Filmo.
COOPER POWER LAWN MOWER Golf Green Beauty for YOUR LAWN OUTSTANDING COOPER FEATURES Two-speed cutting reel, which can be operated in reverse for sharpening; reel drive and traction drive independent of each other; disappearing traction lugs on roller; all-steel shock-proof frame; anti-friction and roller bearings throughout. Built in two sizes—27″ and 20″. COOPER POWER MOWER […]
It may not save your money . . . but it may save your teeth
FORHAN'S has always been made with the feeling that people are far more anxious to have a good dentifrice than a cheap one. In so vital a matter as good teeth, you need all the protection that the finest dentifrice can give.
Authorized to save a life... but not to send a bill
A CRASH at the corner. A gathering crowd. Somebody hurt. "Take her in there!"... "In there" is the drug store. The Druggist is not a physician. But because he has been carefully educated in many of the things the physician must know, he is authorized by law to administer first aid when immediate medical attention cannot be had.