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Feb, 1965
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Sep, 1965
We dug and refilled a 4000-mile trench to protect 9300 communications circuits against disaster
We split the continent with a trench four feet deep to give the United States its first blast-resistant coast-to-coast underground communications cable system. More than four years ago when the first of 2500 giant reels of coaxial cable, started unrolling in New York State, we began an important project that will give added protection to the nation's vital communications.
High spot of the New York World's Fair reopening this Spring — GM Futurama! You can look over GM's exciting "idea" cars — Firebird IV with television, stereo, game table, refrigerator; GM-X with jet aircraft cockpit and controls—fascinating design and engineering innovations right out of tomorrow.
Ad: RCA Color TV with Solid Copper Circuit dependability
Enjoy true-to-life Color from RCA Victor with Solid Copper Circuit dependability Most true-to-life color … so natural and sharp you’ll compare it to color motion pictures. And the High Fidelity tube gives you the brightest pictures ever from RCA Victor. Dependable RCA Solid Copper Circuits replace old-fashioned “hand wiring” — eliminate over 200 possible trouble […]
Magnavox TV Ad
Only Magnavox gives you Magna-Color and Astro-Sonic Stereo -the greatest advancements in home entertainment! Magna-Color, the newest development in color TV, gives you…Brilliant Color for pictures 40% brighter… Chromatone that adds depth and dimension to color and warm beauty to conventional black and white pictures… Quick On in seconds —four times faster than others. And […]
New York World's Fair 1964-1965
CLASSROOM IN A CARNIVAL. A journey round the world. A look back in time, and a window on the future. A treasure house of religious faiths. A procession of products. And a dream of "Peace through Understanding." This is the New York World's Fair of 1964-1965. Here you can see how atoms collide in the first public demonstration of controlled nuclear fusion, at General Electric. Listen to the rustle of stars as picked up by a radiotele-scope at Ford. Take a journey into space, booked by the Martin Company in the Hall of Science. See how your voice "looks" on TV at the Bell System (page 515).