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Nov, 1970
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Oct, 1982
Five Noted Thinkers Explore the Future
ARE the suburbs dead? Will there be an economic resurgence of our inner cities? Will larger and larger units of government take more and more control over land use? Is mankind in general entering an era of greater affluence, of new and different attitudes toward land ownership? Is the oil crisis a blessing in disguise?
What a way to run a "monopoly!"
So, how many of these are left? What a way to run a “monopoly!” You’re looking at some of the brands and names of companies that sell gasoline. Some people say oil companies are a monopoly. If so, it’s the world’s most inept “monopoly.” This “monopoly” is so inept that it offers the world’s richest […]
The Next Frontier?
Shape of things to come? Even as Apollo and orbiting Skylab recede into history, American scientists consider a more awesome enterprise—a permanent colony in space. By ISAAC ASIMOV Paintings by PIERRE MION I DID NOT REALLY UNDERSTAND what L-5 was like, on this July day in A.D. 2026, until I no longer saw it from my vantage point in space. On the shuttle flight I had observed by telescope the torus that we all recognize, much like a bicycle wheel, gleaming in the direct light of the sun and in the light reflected from the large mirror floating free above. The six spokes and the central hub were visible too, of course.
"Make it beautiful, craft it lovingly, and offer a variety of styles. People will love it."
A simple philosophy. But most effective. With it, we've made the GMC MotorHome something that captures the imagination. We made it sleek. We made it low. We made it so it would slip through the air easily and handle responsively. We gave it front wheel drive. And tandem rear wheels. And air suspension.