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Apr, 1939
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Mar, 1958
Never too busy to be Good Neighbors
There are a lot of workers in the Bell System—about 350,000 of them. That's a big family and it likes to be a friendly kind of family. Whether it be the installer in the house, the people in our offices, the operators or the lineman on the roadside helping to rescue a stray kitten for a worried youngster, telephone workers are close to the public and the tradition of the job is helpfulness.
NOW she's not ashamed of her FALSE TEETH SMILE
THANKS TO POLIDENT Beauty Bath Cleans plates like new —no brushing! ARE you letting dingy false teeth destroy your smile... perhaps your whole charm ? Does the very thought of unattractive plates make you self-conscious when you should be well-poised? The thing to do is—get Polident—a powder that magically dissolves away all tarnish, stain and food-deposits from plates and removable bridges—without brushing, acid or danger! What a difference in the way your plate looks and feels! Polident actually purifies your plate—leaves it odorless, clean—attractive —as natural looking as the day you got it. Gums look more "alive" too!