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Jul, 1958
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Aug, 1960
You'll have fun shooting magnificent perfectly exposed pictures (3" x 4" and Larger) with this new marvel of West German precision engineering. The Minox B (weighs but 3-1/4 oz., only 3-7/8" long) eliminates guesswork. It's quick, sure, simple to use
The DC-8, now in flight, will carry you to new heights of luxurious air travel
DC-8 introduces you to Her Serene Highness - the Stratosphere Beneath the wings of the DC-8, the world falls swiftly below. The sky turns from blue to purple, and as you reach new heights, there conies over you a feeling of serenity never known to you before.
effortless dictation
is what you get with the automatic dictating machine To operate, simply pick up mike and talk. The new Dictaphone TIME-MASTER goes on the instant you pick up the microphone. And you can start talking immediately—there's no waiting for warm-up, thanks to transistors. Result: time saved, money saved.
Enjoy the Finest
Wow, I would totally take this train. Enjoy the Finest BETWEEN CHICAGO AND THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST It costs no more! “CITY OF PORTLAND” This delightful Domeliner is the finest and fastest between Chicago and Portland, with through Pullman to Tacoma-Seattle. It is the only train to Portland featuring three types of Astra Domes; a Dome […]
The Telephone Way to a Happier Day
But don’t you dare pick up that phone until the house is clean! And always make sure to keep a picture of your husband on the table to prevent impure thoughts. The Telephone Way to a Happier Day Try it today when the dishes are done, beds made, clothes in the washer. You’ve earned a […]
triga - General Dynamics
You have to hand it General Dynamics, they managed to make nuclear reactors seem incredibly stylish. triga – General Dynamics One of a series of posters displayed during the Second International Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy in Geneva, September, 1958. Triga is an inherently safe training, research, isotope-production reactor designed and manufactured […]
A quick picture of the American way
Boy, time has a funny way of changing how we perceive things. Nowadays this could be an ad for Greenpeace or the Sierra Club. You look at it and just cringe. Well, I do. I’m sure many members of the current administration would look at this ad with a teary eye for the lost days […]
Why chew your food when you can just blend it? Why walk when you can just use a wheelchair all day long? Why read when you can listen? WHY CLIMB STAIRS WHEN YOU CAN RIDE .. .with the finest in home elevators SHEPARD WARNER ELEVATOR CO. 5004 Brotherton Rd., Cincinnati 9, Ohio
There's no easier way to keep fit, trim and strong! MILLIONS CAN NOW ENJOY THE BLESSINGS OF DAILY EXERCISE AT HOME There's a world of difference between exercising yourself, and letting EXERCYCLE do it. That's why tens of thousands of men and women have chosen this easier, simpler and more convenient way of keeping themselves fit, trim and strong. For exercycle is the only fully-automatic, motor-driven exercising instrument that can give you a complete physiological workout from head to foot while you just sit and relax.
the better to see with, my dear
Never had you dreamed you would see so much and so clearly as now with your new Bausch & Lomb Zephyr-Light Binocular. Clear, turquoise waters lapping gainst white sand beaches . . .fishing boats with sun-bleached pastel sails billowing in the offshore breeze . . . and in the distance, multi-hued ountains in all their regal beauty. Everything seems close enough to touch . . . crisp in detail and radiantly alive in nature's own colors.
Abundant energy released from the hearts of atoms promises a vastly different and better tomorrow for all mankind By ALLAN C. FISHER, JR., Senior Editorial Staff, National Geographic Magazine THOUGH man may reach for the moon and the planets, he has found the richest of all new worlds behind the familiar face of his everyday environment. Here, deep in the mysterious cosmos of inner space, lies that world within a world, the powerful, obedient atom. So small are nature's basic building blocks that you could put 36 billion billion atoms on the head of a pin. Yet these unimaginably tiny particles work like genii at man's bidding. Their peaceful energy is gradually shaping our world into a far better place.
Atoms for Peace
Lockheed, always in the forefront of aeronautic and scientific achievement, now extends its leadership into a significant new field—Nuclear Energy for the World's Work. For eight years, Lockheed's nuclear scientists, physicists and engineers have been working on the development of a nuclear-powered airplane. Now, these scientists are also ready to put the atom to work for industry—with research and process heat reactors, food irradiation facilities and the applications of radioisotopes.