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Jun, 1954
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Peggy's DISMAL
Peggy’s DISMAL Peggy’s Bright with Midol PERIODIC PAIN Every month Peggy was dismal because of functional menstrual distress. Now she just takes Midol and goes her way in comfort because Midol tablets contain: • An exclusive anti-spasmodic that helps Stop Cramping … • Medically-approved ingredients that Relieve Headache, Low Backache… Calm Jumpy Nerves … • […]
DARLING PET MONKEY $18.95 This Squirrel Monkey makes an adorable pet and companion. Almost human with its warm eyes, your family will love it. These YOUNG monkeys grow about 12 inches high. Eats same food as you. even likes lollipops; simple to care for and train. FREE cage, FREE leather collar & leash, FREE toy […]