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This Christmas give him three great gifts for the price of a Playboy Club key.
Clip the coupon above and come Christmas day, here's what each VIP on your gift list will receive: 1. His personal Playboy Club key-card. The coveted symbol of the good life will admit him to Clubs* across the U.S., in Jamaica, London and Montreal —18 Clubs in all.
What a catch! Martini & Rossi Imported Vermouth
What a catch! Martini & Rossi Imported Vermouth for cocktails that purr. Sweet for captivating Manhattans. Extra Dry for prize Martinis. Try it in your own cage. MARTINI & ROSSI
"I don't know who he is, but he just ordered J&B"
“I don’t know who he is, but he just ordered J&B” J&B RARE SCOTCH POURS MORE PLEASURE Pennies More In Cost, Worlds Apart In Quality From Justerini & Brooks, Founded 1749
ARTICLE BY MAX GUNTHER "OH, MY GOD" croaked a network-TV director in New York. He seemed to be strangling in his turtle-neck shirt. It was the evening of Election Day, 1966, and the director's world was caving in. Here he was, on the air with the desperately important Election Night coverage, competing with the two enemy networks to see whose magnificently transistorized, fearfully fast electronic computer could predict the poll results soonest and best. Live coverage: tense-voiced, sweating announcers, papers flapping around, aura of unbearable suspense. The whole country watching. And what happens? The damned computer quits.
ARTICLE BY ERNEST HAVEMANN AT THE Massachusetts Institute of Technology there sits a giant computer, its lights constantly blinking and its dials endlessly churning out new numbers, on which some unknown technician has fastened one of the buttons now so popular among the hippie set. The button reads: I AM A HUMAN BEING. DO NOT FOLD, SPINDLE OR MUTILATE Newcomers to the laboratory spot the button, move in for a closer look and nod—yet seldom smile. To most people who deal with computers, the button seems not funny, not ridiculous, not cynical but oddly appropriate.
Yup, hitting on the old cleaning lady is certainly tops on my list of things that define style. Most guys leave the office at 5:15. You know the cleaning lady by her first name. You’ve got style. Your favorite author is J. Paul Getty. Your favorite pastime is burning the midnight oil. And your favorite […]
Playboy Ascii Art
Also check out: ASCII Art in 1939 Typewritten Flag (ASCII Art) ASCII Art – 1948 I.C.S ASCII Art Ad WHERE TO BUY IT? NOW GET YOUR ANSWER COMPUTER QUICK! PLAYBOY has programmed the names and addresses of quality retailers across the country, stores which handle the fine products advertised in this issue. To find those […]