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May, 1963
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OUR OWN SOFTWARE - OUR OWN HARDWARE - A perfect team from the Digital Group
Something new has been added to our great line of Digital Group hardware: DIGITAL GROUP SOFTWARE! With all new languages, enhancements to existing languages and new sophistication designed to give the Digital Group system user the greatest capabilities yet available in a microprocessor. Most importantly, you can rest assured that the same painstaking attention we devote to quality in our hardware has gone into Digital Group Software. Our software works — as simply as that.
New 1978 Electronic Games
A host of video and nonvideo electronic games, many using microprocessors, promises the public more stimulating fun for leisure time. BY KRIS JENSEN A COUPLE of years ago, an electronic video game consisted of a simple "black box" that, when connected to a TV receiver, produced little more than some version of video table tennis. In some cases today, that black box is virtually a personal computer. Now there are games whose color images try your gambling instincts at blackjack, your "destroy" capability against an enemy tank, your patience and fortitude through a maze while a "cat" attempts to devour you, your artistic talent with computer-drawn pictures, or your knowledge of math and history. And that is just the beginning in video games!