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May, 1956
Sun-Powered Receiver
If they have a battery that powers the radio for eight months why would the solar cells be necessary? Sun-Powered Receiver An experimental pocket-sized radio receiver, powered by energy from the sun, weighs only 10 ounces and will work more than eight months in total darkness without recharging. Developed by General Electric, the set uses […]
New TV System Turns Night into Day
TELEVISED by the glow of a single cigarette, the picture above demonstrates the light sensitivity of a closed-circuit television that is said to amplify light up to 40,000 times. The new video system, known as the Lumicon, may vastly expand the vision of doctors, astronomers, industrial inspectors, and researchers in many other fields. Complete camera and monitor outfits are scheduled for production by the Friez Instrument Division, Bendix Aviation Corp.
Electronic Realism in Disneyland
Electronic Realism in Disneyland Sound effects liven scenic make-believe at mammoth park WHETHER you want a rocket trip to the moon or a riverboat ride through the African jungle, you can find it in Disneyland, the super dream-and-play area created by the famous Walt Disney in Anaheim, California. But more than a land of fun […]
Battery Is Size of Paper Clip
Battery Is Size of Paper Clip Not much longer than a small-size paper clip is a new type of silver oxide-zinc battery. It uses a pile-type construction instead of plates. In dry-charged condition, it is capable of shelf storage for months. The battery is activated by injecting a hypodermic needle into the top of each […]
Pocket-Sized Radio Used in Private Paging System
My question is, what is an “confined induction loop area”? Does that mean you have to surround your building with an antenna? Pocket-Sized Radio Used in Private Paging System Private and individual paging of personnel in plants and offices is possible with Motorola’s pocket-sized “Handie-Talkie.” Weighing only 10 ounces and slightly larger than a package […]
TV Show Features "Wires and Pliers"
TV Show Features “Wires and Pliers” THEY’RE trying a new experiment on TV in Los Angeles. Every Saturday, those who want to see popular electronics at work can watch Dr. Martin L. Klein on the “Wires and Pliers” show, Station KCOP. Dr. Klein, a well-known electronics designer, and Harry C. Morgan, another electronics engineer, have […]
The First Ring Tone
Telephones Will “Ring” With Musical Tones Telephone users will welcome the news that the Bell Telephone Laboratories is experimenting with a new device that will eliminate the b-r-r-r-ing of present-day instruments. The gadget, using transistors, will produce pleasant musical tones resembling those of a clarinet. Sound emanates through the louvred area at the base of […]
World's Tiniest TV Camera
For 1956 that is actually an impressively small camera. World’s Tiniest TV Camera Telecasting of programs by means of a TV camera palmed in the operator’s hand is forecast as a result of the recent development of a new electronic device in West Germany. As shown in the photo (left), the video pickup is smaller […]