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Dec, 1958
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Dec, 1962
This is Sony
THE MOST COMPLETE LINE OF QUALITY TAPE RECORDING EQUIPMENT IN THE WORLD Sony Stereo Tape Deck 262-D —4 & 2 track stereo recording and playback tape transport to add tape to your existing hi fi system. $89.50. (Also available, not pictured, the new SRA-2 stereo recording amplifier for the 262 D. $89.50.) • Sony Sterecorder 777-S—All transistorized professional 2 or 4 track stereo recorder featuring the exclusive Sony Electro Bi Lateral playback Head. World's finest tape recorder. $595.
down to the last component SONY CB-901 spells quality
SONY RESEARCH MAKES THE DIFFERENCE Unlike ordinary Citizens Band transceivers, there are certain distinct advantages in owning the SONY CB-901 fully transistorized unit. One of the most important is the separate speaker and microphone, rather than the combined speaker-microphone found in other sets. This means greater ease in operating and superior clarity in transmission and reception.
man, Like UTICA's Way Out IN FRONT
No other rig manufactured today swings quite like Utica's. These cats are the ones who first swung with the MC-27 Town & Country, and now it's the T&C II. Utica Gismotchy Horizontal-Vertical Beam Antenna—Utica Buddy Whip Mobile Antenna—Utica Buddy Ground Plane Antenna When you are looking for the best, "Man, this is the place."
Hobnobbing with Harbaugh
Hobnobbing with Harbaugh The Office Monster
Pardon us while we change our face
Some say that only women are privileged to change their minds, and their faces, whenever they choose. We disagree. And we have the courage of our convictions, because—from this day forward—Audiotape will be wearing a bright new face you've never seen before.
The Secret Keepers
The latest methods of radio communications defy detection by any listener —friend or foe By KEN GILMORE MOST radio communications systems are like "party lines"—anyone can listen in. But electronics scientists have been working overtime to come up with the equivalents, radio-wise, for the more desirable (and costly) "private lines." Their objective: to allow our military and government officials to transmit secret information on the air with the full assurance that it can be "received" only by those listeners it is intended for.
Scrambled Line-Up
By IRA KAMEN In the battle for TV ratings crime will be the loser when WUHF broadcasts the line-up THE New York City police are using UHF-television as a weapon in their war against crime. Now, more than ten times the number of detectives can view and study the features and mannerisms of criminals at police line-ups than was previously possible—by watching a TV screen at their local precincts.