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Aug, 1951
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Feb, 1952
By Dr. Karl T. Compton Chairman of the Corporation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology THE AMERICAN TRADITION of mechanical skill and inventiveness, often called "Yankee Ingenuity," goes far back of the turn of this century. It grew out of the challenge of pioneer life to a people of high native intelligence engaged in forging a new way of life in an environment of rich but undeveloped resources. But our development of scientific knowledge and its useful applications is, despite a few notable predecessors like Benjamin Franklin, Joseph Henry and Thomas Edison, essentially an achievement of the last 50 years.
Popular Mechanics ads from the old, old days
That’s a rather interesting border the Kalamazoo Stove Company has. I wonder if their catalogs were popular in Germany? I also think that “Speed! I Guess Yes!” is an awesome tagline for a car company and should be recycled today.
Dawn of the Electronic Age
Odd article written by Lee deForest the inventor of the Audion, a vacuum tube amplifier that ushered in the radio and electronics age. He discusses the origins and growth of electronics and what the future may bring, including dissing the transistor and living room walls that keep one warm by microwaves. He also has some […]
BE A FROGMAN! Join the new national FROGMAN CLUB today. All you have to do is send $1.00—be sure to include your name and address—and here’s what you get: 1) A miniature pair of Frog: Feet. Can be worn on key chain, lapel or hung on windshield as lucky charm. 2) An attractive membership card. […]
DIY Iron Lung
Could a life have been saved in your community if a mechanical respirator had been at hand for immediate use? Often just a matter of minutes means the difference between life or death for a little child stricken with polio, or a victim of drowning or a paralyzing accident. Here's a chance for every community to be ready at little expense for such emergencies. Members of clubs and civic organizations can do a great service by making one of these respirators and placing it in competent hands. Save a life — maybe your own.
CHINCHILLAS – BIG PROFIT BREED CHINCHILLAS for the fur market. Chinchilla garments sell from $8,000 to $35,000! Establish your own “Gold Chip” business. Clean, tame, easy to raise. Easy terms. After a few short years, G.S.H. says, “I have more than my original investment back and also a foundation or herd. They truly have been […]
Build your own JET ENGINE!
Build your own JET ENGINE! Order these plans today 1. Jet Propelled Bicycle, Assemble your own. Photo and instructions, $1.00 2. How to make experimental jet engines. Seven sheets drawings with information and instructions $2.95 3. Both of above in one order $3.75. SEND NO MONEY. Order both at once $3.75 C.O.D in USA plus […]
Atomic Shelter
PROTECT YOUR LOVED ONES Build a Small Atomic Shelter for your Family & Valuable Possessions Write now for blueprints Complete set $7.50 BLUEPRINTS FOR SURVIVAL 35 West 53rd Street, N.Y. 19, N.Y.
FREE! 10 HITLER STAMPS! 10 SCARCE STAMPS ALL DIFFERENT SENT FREE TO SECURE NAMES FOR OUR MAILING LIST Mail coupon at once. We’ll send you this fascinating set of 10 Hitler stamps. Differnt sizes, colors, values. NO COST TO YOU. Stamps were issued by short-lived nation of Bohemia-Moravia. Much sought after. Now becoming SCARCE. Our […]
"Yield" Sign Reduces Accidents
After years of research and development, scientists believe they have finally created a new type of street sign. Yes, it is truly a miracle of modern signage; a shining example of American know how and inventiveness. “Yield” Sign Reduces Accidents Warning motorists to give the right of way to cars on the intersecting road, a […]