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Sep, 1954
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May, 1955
Meta-Branding 2
Another lesson in how to be a consumer. Oh, and remember “Man, you’re the boss.”! SURE THEY’RE GOOD! set the standards yourself Products with brand names that you call for again and again are literally just what you order, because you yourself are constantly dictating their quality standards. Your approval is the measuring stick […]
Fan in Place of Light Bulb Makes Lamp Produce Breeze
This is actually a really good idea. Most fans have really irritating and balky aiming mechanisms. Where can I buy one of these? Fan in Place of Light Bulb Makes Lamp Produce Breeze You can turn a desk lamp into a ventilating unit with a recent German invention. It’s a compact fan that screws into […]
Nels Irwin is my hero. Just look at that mountain of fluff he’s prepared to give you, FREE! Yes you heard me right, free. Now I know where I’ll be going for all my fluffing needs.
Transistor Pocket Radio
THERE ARE NO vacuum tubes employed in this transistor pocket radio recently introduced by Regency of Indianapolis, Ind. It is claimed to be several years ahead of the time set by many stereatronics experts for the development of such a unit for consumer use. This model, TR-l, is priced at $49.95 and comes in four colors: Black, bone white, cloud white and mandarin red. It measures 3 by 5 by 1.25 inches and weighs less than 12 ounces. Its size is, of course, made possible by the use of tiny high-performance transistors. A miniature 22.5-volt battery supplies the power for the radio.