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Sep, 1948
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Send, CARE Food Packages Abroad... $10.
Send, CARE Food Packages Abroad... $10. INSURED GUARANTEED  DELIVERY DUTY FREE  RATION FREE NON-PROFIT   GOVERNMENT APPROVED CONTENTS: 1 lb. Braised Beef 2-8 oz. tins of Liver Pate 2-8 oz. tins of Corned Beef loaf 2 lb. Shortening 1 lb. Chocolate 2-8 oz tins of Cocoa 2 lb. Whole Milk Powder 8 oz. Egg Powder 1 lb. Apricots 1 lb. Raisins 7 lb. Flour 2 lb. Sugar 1 lb. Coffee (For Britain: 1/2 lb. tea) 2-3 oz. Bars of Soap 1/4 oz. Yeast
By William J. Duchaine RUSSELL E. OAKES of Waukesha, Wis., has been "making things" ever since he was big enough to wield a jackknife. Away back when makers of electric drills offered lathe attachments, Oakes had the yen for power tools. So he started equipping his shop, suffering occasional pangs of guilt over such an "extravagance," and never dreaming he was laying the foundation for one of the most unusual careers in the U. S.
REPTILE SNAPS OWN PICTURE WITH FLICK OF THE TONGUE Too fast to be seen by the human eye, the long tongues of chameleons and toads dart in and out as they eat. Their tongue tips are tacky and the food, usually small insects, sticks to the tips and is thrown back into their mouths. To […]
Hearing Aid for Cat
Hearing Aid for Cat “Unfortunate” heard for the first time recently when the cat’s owner, Mrs. A. H. Cooper of Fort Worth, Tex., had a hearing aid fitted to the feline. The hearing aid is the latest of a series of steps by Mrs. Cooper to improve the life of the unfortunate cat, which was […]
Walking Robot Has Radio Controls
Walking Robot Has Radio Controls Controlled by a radio installed in a truck, a 400-pound robot can walk under its own power. The mechanical man, built by Reat Younger of Springfield, Mo., stands over six feet tall and weighs 400 pounds. Younger was intrigued by a robot he saw in a motion picture when he […]
ASCII Art - 1948
This would be a lot of fun without a text editor. One mistake and you have to start over. More about ASCII Art on Wikipedia. KEYBOARD ART By Paul Hadley WHILE purely entertaining, doodling with a typewriter gives vent to the imagination and originality of both the experienced and the hunt-and-peck typist. Fill-in pictures are […]