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Jul, 1962
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Jan, 1982
This horse is better than most 1970 cars
We are not joking. The run-of-the-mill 1970 car is an affront to progress. It's too expensive to buy. And too expensive to run. It's almost impossible to park and maneuvering it through city traffic would try the nerves of a saint. You'd be better off with a horse.
Build P.M.'s Revolving Christmas Card
Three Disney characters rotate 'round and 'round to take turns wishing all your friends and neighbors a very Merry Christmas By HARRY WICKS Workshop Editor Last spring the staff at PM decided that tot Christmas 1969 we wanted yet another unusual yuletide decoration that readers could build. All agreed that whatever the finished product, it had to reflect the good cheer of the season. So we commissioned designer Gary Gerber to come up with something new. He did. Then ace workshopper John Capotosto went to work and put the project into the realm of a do-it-yourselfer: He figured out how to build it. finally, to give the display the happy mood of the season, the Walt Disney Studio created three of their characters especially for PM. The handsome result of all this effort is our way of saying Merry Christmas to our readers. —The Editors CREATING on outdoor Christmas display that is unlike any that has been done before is a tall order. But the top-talent team that accepted this challenge from PM's editors delivered. The result is a finished product that's sure to draw raves from all who see it, and one that just might knock off first prize for best outdoor decoration in your neighborhood. Standing about 4 ft. high, the display is motorized and features Mickey Mouse and two "stars" in a recently released Disney movie.
Brainy wafer
Brainy wafer There are 64 complete electronic memory circuits on this chip of silicone (shown for size comparison on the nib of a pen). The circuits, which can transmit electronic signals in as little as 3-billionths of a second, are used in the buffer memory of IBM’s newest computer, System/360 Model 195.