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Jan, 1952
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May, 1952
Fisherman and His Pets
Fisherman and His Pets Most fishermen have a hobby of some kind and Henry Larsen, lob-sterman of Freeport, N. Y., is no exception. He likes to train pets of all kinds. He hasn’t yet discovered a way to train the lobster, but he has worked out a tightrope routine starring Sonja, his cat. Sonja gracefully […]
PROJECTED color-television pictures of theater-screen size were shown recently at the Colonial Theater in New York City by the Radio Corporation of America in tests that revealed further advances in the RCA compatible, all-electronic color-TV system. The color show, produced in the NBC studios at Radio City, was broadcast on channel 4. This enabled owners of all existing television sets in the area to view the same program in black and white.
Self-Administered Anesthetic
Self-Administered Anesthetic Medical and dental patients can administer a mild anesthetic to themselves with a bulb-operated instrument designed to relax nervous tension. The instrument fits over the patient’s nose. In his hand he holds the rubber bulb which administers the analgesic. When he relaxes he automatically stops pumping the bulb but can resume pumping at […]