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Apr, 1946
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Jul, 1948
Hobbyists' Workbench Folds to Suitcase Size
Model hobbyists now can fold up their benches and equipment and take them out into 'the field during model tests and trials. Weighing only 11 pounds empty, a combination tool kit and workbench made of aluminum folds to the size of a large suitcase.
By William E. Warne Ass't Secretary of the Interior Warne presents a first-hand story of Alaskan opportunities and introduces some pioneers of 1948 ALASKA, which used to be thought of as a land of perpetual ice and snow, has suddenly assumed great importance to the United States because it is the crossroads of the air age. Intercontinental routes, via the Great Circle and over the top of the Pole, are already using Alaska as the hub of their wheel. This giant "hub" covers 586,400 square miles which makes it considerably bigger than Texas which has a total area of 267,339 square miles. With eyes focused sharply on Alaska for the first time since the Gold Rush of 1897, the American people have suddenly discovered that their former appraisals of this vast, beautiful, empty land were wrong.
WHAT'S NEW For Your Home
A four-page "shopping section" dedicated to modern homemakers LIGHTWEIGHT LAWN MOWER weighs 19 pounds and cuts to within one inch of walls. Rear rollers spin blades SELF-WRINGING MOP has a cellulose sponge that folds like a book when sleeve on the handle is pushed. It mops without splatter and wipes dry
Uncle Sam Weighs His Resources
Buried treasure—coal and gold, iron ore and oil-—and other resources make the U. S. rich. The question is: Will they hold out? By Bill Reiche HOW BIG is America's bank balance? Our savings account is not the cash in the federal treasury or the total money in circulation; money is only a working symbol of a nation's economic wealth. The bank balance that really counts—that makes the difference between prosperity and depression — is the raw materials in and above the ground.
Wooden Jet Mockups
Wooden Jet Mockups Canadians are saving time and money by making jet-engine mock-ups of pine, mahogany and cherry wood instead of metal. From blueprints, woodworkers make full-scale patterns of every component part and accessory, except piping, on proposed engines. Completed assemblies are then inspected by designers and engineers for possible changes. Shortcomings or design improvements […]
Movies of Television Show Provide Permanent Record
Movies of Television Show Provide Permanent Record With a 1200-foot magazine that permits continuous recording of a half-hour program, a specially designed movie camera photographs television programs directly from the monitor tube at the broadcasting station. The double-chamber magazine holds both unexposed and exposed film and can be removed in a lighted room. The camera […]
Buses built in sections with the carrying unit independent of the front and rear ends have been patented by Rene Lucien of England. The design includes a forward section containing the driver's compartment, a rear section containing the engine and driving wheels, and a center compartment without wheels which has seats for passengers. The three sections, fastened together by joints at the ends, are taken apart easily.