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Feb, 1950
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Jun, 1950
Radio - Television - Electronics - HELPFUL HINTS FOR 1950
A—Producing large-size images from TV screens of nominal dimensions, this glare-less, flat and extremely thin lightweight screen utilizes the Fresnel principle of magnification. Advantages are claimed to include good optical quality and freedom from edge distortion. The magnifying element of the screen is a thin sheet of Plexi-glas into which hundreds of tiny circular grooves are pressed. It includes a glare filter and enlarges the image from a 10-in. TV tube up to the size received on a 16-in. tube.
Typewriter Keyboard On Typesetting Machine
Typewriter Keyboard On Typesetting Machine Typists can now set type on Linotype and Intertype composing machines through the development of a keyboard that has the standard keys of a typewriter. Forty-four keys, electrically operated, fit over the 90 keys of a standard composing machine. The keyboard can be moved from one composing machine to another […]
MAKE MONEY CASTING AT HOME Make your own rubber molds quickly, cheaply with X.L. RUBBER. Cast thousands of perfect figurines, book ends, plaques, ornaments, ash trays, etc. GREAT PROFITS! Write for NEW Catalog. X.L. Rubber, Pts. $2.00; Qts. $3.00; Gallons $8.95; Models and enough rubber for 3 molds $1.30 postpaid. Free Facts Sent PLASTIC ARTS […]
Yes, and I’m very blind, but I can see everything. I’M VERY DEAF BUT I HEAR Everything with My New Zenith “MINIATURE” HEARING AID Don’t let deafness kill the joys of living. Let a Zenith home trial prove you, too, can even hear a whisper. Here’s Zenith’s amazing guarantee—if any $200.00 hearing aid outperforms Zenith’s […]
Wow, those people really like laxatives, look at how happy they are! IT’S GREAT TO BE REGULAR ALL-Vegetable Makes the Difference Thousands of modern men and women in all parts of America have turned to Nature’s Remedy, NR Tablets for dependable, yet gentle relief, when a laxative is needed. They know that the all-vegetable idea […]
Don't Envy The PLUMBER - Be One!
Make $15 to $50 a Day (and work every day) Every skilled workman will tell you Plumbers have the best of it. WINTER and SUMMER the Plumber is busy at top wages. No skilled Plumber is ever out of a job . . . compare his opportunities with any trade, and decide where your opportunity is. Plumbing, to the man with know how, means profit. Investigate Universal's unique "Shop Method" system . . . This system, developed over a quarter century ago by a master plumber, offers you the opportunity to quickly get into the plumbing business. This is not a "war born school" . . . but a plumbing school developed and operated by plumbers since 1923.