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Jan, 1955
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Jul, 1955
Jet Powers Boat
Jet Powers Boat Powered by a jet-aircraft engine, a new hydroplane has been built in England for an assault on the U.S.-held water speed record of 178.497 miles per hour. Pilot of the hydroplane is Donald Campbell, son of the late Sir Malcolm Campbell, whose Bluebird held the speed record in the late 1930s. The […]
Brainy Computer
Brainy Computer Billed by its makers as the smartest electronic brain ever built is a giant computer called the NORC, for Naval Ordnance Research Calculator. The NORC was designed for high-speed calculation heretofore impossible because of the time involved. For instance, it can perform 15,-000 arithmetical operations a second, or a billion in less than […]
Electronic Machine Speeds Fliqht Information to Area Offices
Given all the stories I’ve been reading at the Consumerist, it wouldn’t surprise me if the airlines still used these things. Electronic Machine Speeds Fliqht Information to Area Offices American Airlines has turned to an electronic machine to provide fast, accurate flight information to all its offices in the New York area. The machine, the […]