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Jan, 1951
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Aug, 1951
File-Card Conveyor Operated by Pedals
I really like this, it’s like a chain-driven database. It would be oh so much cooler if it were driven by a steam engine though. File-Card Conveyor Operated by Pedals Card files are carried directly to the operator by a chain-driven office filing system. The operator sits behind the unit, which looks like a large […]
Plastic Mask for Gridders
Plastic Mask for Gridders Football players are protected against facial injury, or the aggravation of old injuries, by a new plastic mask. Use of a transparent material instead of metal to guard the nose permits increased vision. A resilient padding on the inside of the protective mask cushions the player’s face against impact.
High-Speed Facsimile
And it’s compact too! High-Speed Facsimile As many as 180,000 words of printed matter can be transmitted and recorded within one hour through a new high-speed facsimile system. Photos and diagrams also can be transmitted to any distant point and recorded without photographic, chemical or drying equipment. The system, developed by Western Union, uses either […]
Plastic Plants
Plastic Plants Real enough in appearance to fool the eye of any but the most discerning, plastic plants provide attractive floral decorations that require no attention other than an occasional dusting. These plants, made of Ameran plastisol, are not affected by heat up to 175 degrees Fahrenheit and are fire repellent and completely washable. Available […]
Mechanical Chess Opponent
I love how they speak in absolutes “never makes a mistake”, “perfect chess techniques”. I’m worndering how it could possibly play chess at all. My guess is that what they mean is it always makes a legal move, i.e. pawns don’t go sideways. Also, does that board look a little small to you? Mechanical Chess […]
Metalized Window Curtain Aids in A-Bomb Protection
Metalized Window Curtain Aids in A-Bomb Protection Heavy canvas window curtains, specially treated, are designed to give partial protection from the effects of an A-bomb blast. The curtains are metalized with aluminum and lead. They will help protect persons inside a building from flying glass, radioactive dust and flash burns, according to the manufacturer. They […]