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Jun, 1952
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Jul, 1953
Plastic Badminton Bird
I’ve only ever seen plastic birdies, so I guess this was a success. Plastic Badminton Bird Now available for badminton players is a plastic shuttlecock that the manufacturer claims will last four times longer than a feathered bird. It is true in flight and unaffected by moisture or prolonged disuse.
English Car's Trunk Opens by Push Button
English Car’s Trunk Opens by Push Button Touching a button at the front side of the rear seat opens the trunk compartment of the new Vauxhall Velox, an English automobile.
Transistor Ad
THE TRANSISTOR A picture report of progress A tiny amplifying device first announced by Bell Telephone Laboratories in 1948 is about to appear as a versatile element in telephony. Each step in the work on the transistor . . . from original theory to initial production technique . . . has been carried on within […]
Raise Capons
Friday Animals for profit blogging: CAPONS HICKORY ACRES 6-WKS. OLD STARTED Easy, Profitable to Raise Wonderful, tender capon meat brings top prices — makes finest eating. Easy to raise in back yard, on farm, or with other chicks. Hickory Acres 6.-Wks. Old Capons are your best buy. Cost less than day old turkeys — easier […]
Nels is back, and this time he’s in COLOR! Well, at least in black and red. But, more importantly, Nels has has figured out how to engineer a finish so remarkable that it actually enters the THIRD DIMENSION. That means you can actually see it from the side! And it’s just so darn flocky. And […]
Tax Return Spelunking
Cap Lights Illuminate Warehouse Office employees at a Government warehouse in Chicago look more like miners than clerks. The warehouse is used to store Government records. Instead of going to the expense of installing a new lighting system which would have cost an estimated $20,000, officials have provided cap lights for the clerks who search […]
White House HVAC
White House Weathermaker Comfort of the President and his household will be assured by a new electronic control panel which regulates temperature and humidity in the White House. The complex board monitors the action of 106 thermostats in the modernized executive mansion, which is said to contain the most elaborate year-round air-temperature system ever installed […]