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Apr, 1960
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Jul, 1962
No-Lens Goggles
Aren’t goggle’s supposed to protect your eyes though? No-Lens Goggles By distributing the force of a blow over the face, a guard gives protection without interfering with visibility. Made by M-K Products, 617 Queen Anne Ave., Seattle.
Mobile Home With a Fold-Out Living Room
Mobile Home With a Fold-Out Living Room Ten feet wide so it can travel on highways, a new mobile home has hinged walls that swing out to form a 14 by 14-foot living room. In addition, it has two bedrooms, a bath, and a kitchen. The unique design gives the living room a door facing […]
TRANSPARENT FIREPLACE is a freestanding unit with quarter-inch heat-resistant glass on three sides. The raised hearth is made of ceramic-coated steel. A star-shaped sloping hood covers the firebox area and rises to join a 10-inch flue housing. Venting attachments and extensions are available to accommodate most room heights. The fireplace, which can be painted to match room, is made by Majestic Co., Huntington, Ind.
Office Putting Course Is a Rug in Its Spare Time
Office Putting Course Is a Rug in Its Spare Time Golfing executives who practice putting in the office can really go first class with the new “Cocktail Golf” rug. The miniature three-hole golf course is a textured rug made of nylon with a putting course laid out in different colors and pile depths. The holes […]
So, do you think there is someone in there? Servo-Servant Answer to a housewife’s — or fireman’s — prayer is a life-size, remote-controlled servomechanical robot built by Vienna engineer Claus Scholz. The MM47 can do almost anything from housework to handling radioactive materials or fighting fires from the inside while the operator stays at a […]
New Volkswagen 1500 Will Hit 81 M. P. H.
FROM THE specifications it appears that the new VW 1500 is based on the chassis of the familiar, beetle-shaped '61 model. Wheelbase is unchanged at 94.5 inches, although the new car is six inches longer over-all at 166.3.
Shelves That "Come to You"
SQL ’61 was not nearly as useful as it’s later incarnations. Shelves That “Come to You” Rotating inside a large cabinet, motor-operated shelves save up to 50 percent of floor space and manual labor. Since there are no drawer pull-outs, narrower aisles are permitted and, since the shelves operate with an automatic self-leveling, push-button operation, […]
Inflatable Solar Collector
Rocketing into space in a canister the size of a teacup, a solar collector will billow out to a conical shape with a metalized Mylar reflector that is seven feet in diameter. The sun's rays striking the reflector are focused onto a collector. These rays will be transformed into heat energy which then may be used to power various electrical and mechanical instruments in space.
Science Takes the Measure of Man
Strange instruments are pointing the way to the shapes of tomorrow from hats to space cabins By S. David Pursglove FURNITURE for your future house, seats for next year's cars, desks for new schools all are being designed by scientists who specialize in studying man's past. The Air Force is leading the way and business and industry are following close behind—in using anthropology to make clothing fit better, seats more comfortable and working conditions safer and more efficient. The Air Force started using anthropology, the science that led to reconstruction of Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon man, to design pressure suits and other space-age clothing and equipment.
What Big Arms You Have . . . and So Many
What Big Arms You Have . . . and So Many It’s in Disneyland, of course. Being prepared for underwater duty is the giant squid that “terrorizes” passengers of the huge park’s submarine ride. Composed of rubber, the lengthy tentacles are operated by a system of compressed air and interior wires. They reach out at […]
Horse Made of Motors
Horse Made of Motors To promote the idea that its motors put out more horsepower, a manufacturer has cobbled up a horse made entirely of motors —except for its mane. It does not run.