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Aug, 1954
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Jan, 1955
By Thomas E. Stimson, Jr. IN JACK FLETCHER'S new home, the windows close themselves whenever the wind blows hard for more than 15 seconds. They close automatically, too, when a rainstorm starts or when the outside temperature drops too low for comfort. Guests never trip over the wires to a floor lamp in Fletcher's living room. The floor lamps in this "House of the 21st Century" have no electric cords. Their fluorescent tubes, in fact, could be burned out and still operate perfectly when placed over certain spots on the living-room floor.
Tractor Mounted on "Stilts" Is Used to Dust and Detassel Corn
Someone should bring this thing to a monster truck rally. What would it’s monster truck name be? The Detassler is a bit whimpy for my tastes. Tractor Mounted on “Stilts” Is Used to Dust and Detassel Corn Moving slowly through the sweet-corn fields of California is a weird tractor on stilts. The tractor is used […]
Inflated Plastic Suit Shields Worker in Atomic Laboratory
Inflated Plastic Suit Shields Worker in Atomic Laboratory Radioactive dust doesn’t bother a worker at the General Electric plutonium plant in Richland, Wash., who walks around in a plastic balloon. The suit provides a protective barrier against radiation in “hot” areas, permitting checking for contamination, cleanup and maintenance work. A flexible plastic tunnel at the […]
Jet-Age Custom Car
What this really reminds me of is the car from The Ambiguously Gay Duo Jet-Age Custom Car No flames spout from the tail pipes of a custom-built three-wheeled car, but that is about the only difference between it and a space ship! The engine is a 60-horsepower V8 mounted in the rear. A single front […]
Human Squirrel Cage
This looks like a hell of a lot of fun. Human Squirrel Cage THRILL ADDICTS registered their screaming approval of a German-made fun machine introduced at Chicago’s Riverview Amusement Park this summer. Little cars circle a drum 27 feet in diameter which supports five circular tracks. The cars are loosely attached to the tracks and, […]
Make Magazine '54
I have an issue of this and will be scanning in some of the projects. However I must say, the current Make is much more interesting.
Zebra TV Skin
Those kick ass. I want a leopard skin TV. TELEVISION TODAY TV “SERVICE-SAVER” is the title of the booklet held by the young lady using the telephone in photo A. Recently issued by the Raytheon Manufacturing Company, this booklet contains numbered pictures of faulty TV reception. It is a timesaver for TV-set owners and repairmen. […]
Pooch Is Up to His Neck In Automobile
I’m not sure why, but this just seems wrong to me. Pooch Is Up to His Neck In Automobile European cars are small and have no room for large dogs, so an ingenious dog lover has converted the trunk into a roomy traveling kennel. A hole cut in the trunk lid permits the dog to […]