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Oct, 1944
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Mar, 1945
Silly Putty
Here is Putty with a Bounce Research in silicone rubber yields a strange by-product that may have its own uses. Exceptional resistance to heat characterizes silicone rubber, an entirely new synthetic product developed by General Electric research engineers. Rings of the material now replace asbestos to cushion the glass of naval searchlights and blinker signal […]
Demonic Japs
This is a crazy racist cover depicting Japanese soldiers as some kind of demonic, green, bomb throwing mutants.
Original Ball Point Pen
TWO-YEAR INK SUPPLY can be carried in a fountain pen invented by L. J. Biro, an Argentine newspaper man from Hungary. The writing point is an unbreakable bll bearing to which a gelatinous quick-drying ink is fed from a copper tube. Composition of the ink is not divulged, but is supposedly a combination of glycerin […]