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Dec, 1946
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Feb, 1947
MEN, WOMEN, CHILDREN ... Don't be Embarrassed by BALDNESS!
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The Amazing New Abdominal Supporter Yes, instantly, you, too, can begin to feel ALIVE . . . ON TOP OF THE WORLD by joining the Parade of Men who are marching up the highway of happier living with the COMMANDER, the amazing new Men's Abdominal Supporter. GET "IN SHAPE" INSTANTLY AND ENJOY A HAPPY STREAMLINED APPEARANCE The COMMANDER presents the exclusively designed "INTERLOCKING HANDS" principle for extra support where you need it most. It flattens the burdensome sagging "corporation" and restores to the body the zestful invigorating feeling that comes with firm, sure "bay window" control. Order this new belt today and begin enjoying the pleasure of feeling "in shape" at once.
Racer's engine burnt alcohol, produces 550 horsepower at 8,500 r.p.m. to drive car at 260 m.p.h. Three Winfield carburetors feed 38,000-r.p.m. supercharger; aftercooler, on top of block, prevents pre-ignition. Compression ratio is 24 to one. Front-wheel drive helps hold the "Mobil Special" on its course. Front wheels are individually sprung, with torsion bars replacing ordinary leaf springs. Tires' rubber tread is only 3/32-inch thick. Bud Winfield, who built the engine, examines completed car. Tail, narrowing to a thin line, is designed to stabilize machine while it races over a 10-mile circle on the hard-packed natural track.
Battlewagons for Today's Fire Fighters
1. New American-LaFrance-Foamite aerial truck illustrates compact power of postwar fire engines (See "Here Come the New Fire Engines," p. 66). Unlike old-style articulated trucks, it is a single unit and needs no rear-wheel tillerman. Steel extension ladder is 100 feet long—15 feet more than prewar type—and holds eight men when it is supported at the top.
SERVANTS from the Laboratories
TEN pounds of clothes are washed, rinsed and damp-dried in 30 minutes by the Akka automatic washer, at right. The machine swishes soapy water through the clothes 144 times a minute. When the washer is done, a rubber lining in the lower half of the sphere hydraulically presses the clothes against the washer's perforated top and removes 92 per cent of the soap. Then the washer rinses out the rest with cold water and, finally, squeezes water from the clothes.
Directory Dials the Phone
A NEW desk telephone directory not only finds the number you want but actually dials it for you. All you have to do is slide the knob on the face of the device, called an Auto Dial, to the name you want, then press the small lever at the foot of the machine. When the lever returns to its normal position, in five or six seconds, your call is made and you pick up the phone.
Behind the SIGNS
How the mechanical "spectaculars" work with steam, bubbles and light. The new sky sign is an excellent example. Nearly every large city has at least one running electric sign—where words chase one another across the side of a building. But the dirigible "runner" is definitely new. It took 26 miles of wire and 10,000 light bulbs, 5,000 on each side, to construct the dirigible sign. Enough ordinary lamps to light the display would have added too much weight, so Leigh's thinker-uppers grouped small bulbs, about the size of Christmas-tree lamps, in such a way that their light appears to come from single large bulbs. "What from the ground looks like a single pinpoint of light is actually 10 small bulbs arranged in a spiral cluster 18 inches across.
Inside the Flying Wing
Inside the Flying Wing COMPLETELY enclosed within the outer skin of the XB-35 there is a many-sided room that houses the 15-man crew. Pressurized for high altitudes and large enough to provide sleeping accommodations for six, it is the heart of the Flying Wing. Around this center of operations is a mass of trusswork resembling […]
FOR Fun-Loving EXECUTIVES THE makers of this postwar “dream desk” imply that it began as a designers’ joke, but its reception at a Chicago exhibit has brought it into actual, though limited, production. All set for work or play, as the drawings indicate, it is made by the Gunn Furniture Co., of Grand Rapids. The […]