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Dec, 1955
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Jun, 1956
No Gearbox, No Clutch, He Goes by Prop
No Gearbox, No Clutch, He Goes by Prop Overcoming “low-altitude drag” with a push propeller geared to a Ford V-8 engine, Clifford Robins pilots his homemade motor car along the roads of Yeovil, England, at a top speed of 70 m.p.h. Robins, a grocer, used no rear-axle drive, no gearbox and no clutch. He estimates […]
Big Sidecar Will Tote a Small Crowd
Big Sidecar Will Tote a Small Crowd An overgrown sidecar turns this motorcvcle into a family affair. Put out by a London manufacturer, it’s a snug fit for five: three adults in the sidecar itself, and two on the motorcycle. A roll top and hinged windshield (with twin wipers) can be opened for air.
Here's a Servant Out of This World
Here’s a Servant Out of This World A seven-foot eight-inch robot does its master’s bidding in M-G-M’s new movie, “Forbidden Planet.” Made of plastic and synthetic leather, the robot is animated by electricity. Ears are rotating antennas, and its grillework month hides a loudspeaker.
Fifty-Cent Phonograph May Pierce Iron Curtain
A new weapon for sending messages behind the Iron Curtain without danger of radio jamming has been offered to the U. S. by RCA. It's a refinement of the basic hand phonograph and could be mass-produced for 50 cents each. The little machine is in three unbreakable plastic parts—base, turntable and tone arm —and can be packed to drop by parachute. Heart of the design is a clear-plastic semi-circular vibrator screwed inside the top end of a guard.
How to Choose a Geiger Counter
Rate meter? Multitube counter? Scintillation counter? Here an expert advises you on how to buy a uranium-finding instrument. By Griff Borgeson HUNTING uranium with a Geiger counter is like stalking game with a well-trained hound. All of the hundred-odd kinds of uranium ore are radioactive, and hardly any other rocks are. So a counter's ability to "see" radiation can lead straight to pay dirt. Counters are the great equalizers of the uranium rush. Thev give a tenderfoot an even break with trained mining men. and account for rank amateurs' successes in history's greatest metal hunt. You can pay from about $20 to $2,000 for a counter, and choose from dozens of models. Which will best suit your needs?
IN RETURN FOR CHARACTER … A CAREER Because the finest single attribute anyone can offer is character, this, basically is what IBM asks of it’s people, whatever their special aptitudes or abilities. IBM offers them in return – not just a job – but a career. IBM electronif field technicians, for instance, receive more than […]