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Nov, 1960
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Oct, 1962
THE Aristocrats of Pocket Adding Machines
LUXURY MODELS AT AMAZING LOW PRICES BY THE ORIGINATOR OF POCKET ADDING MACHINES From the manufacturers of ADDIATOR, originator of the world's smallest precision adding machines come these distinctive, elegant models, put together with loving care by Old World Craftsmen. Don't confuse these gleaming luxury machines with any imitators. One look tells you these are machines of quality . . . carefully constructed of the finest materials, beautifully styled, fast and easy to operate.
Spray With Suede!
It’s 9 years after the first ad, but Nels is still going strong, all because of the amazing powers of Flock-Kraft, AKA Micro Fluff, AKA Spray Suede. You’ll note he’s gone crazy, he’s flocking radios, christmas trees, toy piggy banks with top hats. I mean, can you believe it, a piggy bank wearing a top […]
Lunar Suit for Space Explorer
This doesn’t look too practical. A spaceman could use this suit while exploring the moon – and even rest in it if he’s on a long hike. It is equipped with retractable tripod legs that will hold it up off the ground and a built-in seat that he can curl up on while easing his […]