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Apr, 1923
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May, 1929
FOR MEN AND YOUNG MEN World Travel With All Expenses Paid!
How often you've longed to see for yourself the awe of Egypt's pyramids—the beauties of the gorgeous Mediterranean sunset— the squalor of China's ancient cities! Now you can do it—travel the whole world at will, all your expenses paid. Every one of your expenses of travel will be paid for you—you won't be out a cent of your own. And you can draw a good salary besides!
Up-To-Date Machine Works Only $10 DOWN - SENT ON TRIAL This result of mechanical genius, a handy up-to-date, made to order work-bench equipment, bears your investigation. Illustrated below, we present for your inspection, a complete set of craftsman's tools that are indorsed by Master Mechanics as being as efficient, portable and convenient a set of home-work-shop implements, as has ever been offered for public use.
New Marvels to Open Your Eyes
Man Shot from Gun; Boat Fast as Plane; Seagoing War Tank. On land and sea the new war tank invented by Walter Christie is at home and, with its guns, equally deadly. Above, it is shown on land and, at right, crossing the Hudson after climbing the Palisades. Clarence Chamberlin, first trans-Atlantic flyer to Germany, recently hopped in this plane from the specially built runway on the U.S.S. Leviathan, while 82 miles at sea, for the purpose of landing mail in New Jersey.
Housekeeping Tools To Minimize Labor
A rubber cap replaces the metal one taken from a bottle of ginger ale or other refreshment and, being air-tight, preserves what is left of the contents for future use. The deep groove lets the core go inside the bottle when you give it a twist, and allows the rim of the cap to encircle the outside of the top of the bottle. The three aluminum kettles shown here fit inside one another so that a different dish may be cooked in each, although only one burner of a stove is required. The upper kettles may be used for steaming or boiling. Handles are insulated and do not get hot.
Modern Magic in Light
"Music" Played by Colors, Statues Dance to Help Solve Problems of Illumination By ROBERT E. MARTIN THE marvels of light from its crude yesterdays to its present brilliance, with a glimpse of future splendors that now seem quite incredible, are shown to visitors at a unique permanent exhibition. It is a museum and a laboratory with a factory adjacent. We see what has been, is and may be in the field of illumination. Light used to be regarded as just something to see by. Here we find it is a force, a substance, an aesthetic material.
Fat Men!
This new self-massaging belt not only makes you look thinner INSTANTLY —but quickly takes off rolls of excess fat. DIET is weakening—drugs are dangerous—strenuous reducing exercises are liable to strain your heart. The only safe method of reducing is massage. This method sets up a vigorous circulation that seems to melt away the surplus fat. The Weil Reducing Belt made of special reducing rubber, produces exactly the same results as a skilled masseur, only quicker and cheaper. Every move you make causes the Weil Belt to gently massage your abdomen. Results are rapid because this belt works for you every second.
Chart Tells When to Marry
How You Can Predict Your Chances for Happiness by New Scientific Method By HORNELL HART A YOUNG friend of mine, a strapping lad of nineteen, was graduated from high school last June with the intention of entering an Eastern university this autumn. Employed in a seaside hotel during the summer, he met a charming girl of eighteen. They fell madly in love. Now they are to he married. Both are going to work to "support the family. It will be great fun," they say. And they are confident their marriage will he one of endless happiness. Will it? A wealthy bachelor I know, a business executive approaching the half century mark, was introduced to a vivacious woman athlete exactly half his age at a dance not long ago. They became infatuated. He fully believes that at last he has met his ideal mate. So does she. Will their marriage be a blissful one?
Ad: Burgess Flashlights & Batteries
With a Blade of LIGHT he slew the Greatest of all Demons ~ Darkeness Burgess Battery Company General Sales Office: Chicago Burgess Flashlights & Batteries
Unique Activities of Unusual People
Pygmy Castle and Telescope Made from Bottle Only Two of Many and Varied Novelties Production of petroleum from some fields is unprofitable because of its high content of sulphur, harmful to gasoline engines. Gladys E. Woodward, Northwestern University chemist, is working on a method of removing the sulphur The world's youngest deep-sea diver, according to his claim, is George Knight, of Brighton, England, being congratulated here by the Brighton Harbor Master after descents in gear weighing two hundred and twelve pounds. He is fifteen years old
New York in the Year 2000
Cities of 30,000,000, Skyscraper Sidewalks, Roof Top Airports and Food Piped As Water Is Today By MYRON M. STEARNS FROM the height of a great precipice two men looked down on a continuous stream of moving automobiles. Farther from the ground than the Palisades rise above the Hudson River at the highest point, they were on no natural crag. They were looking down from a window on the twentieth story of a New York hotel—not a fabulous building of a hundred years hence—but a matter-of-fact structure of today. Dinner was served in their room. The fish had traveled more than 6,000 miles to reach them— Alaska salmon. The steak came from a steer raised near the Mexican border, shipped a thousand miles to be "finished" by a special feeding, another five hundred miles to be dressed, and still another thousand miles in refrigerator cars to reach the metropolis. Fruit from Southern California, vegetables from Georgia, olives from Italy. And the eggs in the Mayonnaise dressing for the salad—no joking—were laid on the other side of the world, in China, nearly two years before. It was good Mayonnaise, too. There was a knock at the door.
Crosley Musicone
Wire coating represents years research --- WORLD'S FASTEST SELLING SPEAKER Delicate actuating parts of loud speakers are subject to rust and deterioration. The Crosley patented actuating unit is not affected by the climate. Special impregnable coating covers the wire in the coils. Impervious bakelite instead of cardboard bobbins prevents any retention of moisture. Higher voltage is possible with resultant louder, finer tones.
Sixteen Needs Met by Ingenuity
  • With these shears you can clip grass without tiring the hands. A jointed bar connects the blades, which open and close as the up and down motion of the grips bends or straightens the joint
  • A cent in the slot, and in two minutes the "hair-curling automat," invented in Europe, electrically heats the attached iron. The hotel guest, aided by the mirror, does the rest
  • To remove a broken-headed screw, drill a hole in it, drive in the fluted end of this tool and twist the square end two or three times with a wrench
  • Hay is cut and delivered into a tube by this German machine. Air driven through the tube carries the hay to the loft and automatically stores it
What Lindbergh Found in His Mail Bag
Offers of Millions, Offers of Marriage and 14,000 Gifts in Packages Sent to Atlantic Flyer By FITZHUGH GREEN THROUGH the crowded events that followed the great flight to Paris, the author of this article was one of Col. Lindbergh's chief aides. And in the swift preparation of Lindbergh's book "We," he wrote several chapters describing the welcoming receptions which the modest aviator did not wish to write himself. Commander Green also aided in handling Lindbergh's huge mail. "Dear Lindy—" Those two words, with variations, have been written more than three and a half million times in the last four months by people of all races, colors and climes.
Ad: The Switchboard
An Advertisement of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company A web of cords plugged into numbered holes. A hand ready to answer signals which flash from tiny lamps. A mind alert for prompt and accurate performance of a vital service. A devotion to duty inspired by a sense of the public's reliance on that service.
RCA Radiotron
From time to time other tubes will be offered to you as being "as good as Radiotrons," sometimes at a lower price. Which proves that the Radiotron is the acknowledged standard in performance. The American people have used millions of Radiotrons in the last five years. Is it reasonable to suppose that imitators could give you Radiotron quality for the same money?
Rub Listerine on Your Face After Shaving
Have you ever tried Listerine after shaving? You will like it. We are so certain of this that we are willing to risk the cost of this page to tell you about it.
Radio is better with Battery Power
At a turn of the dial a radio program comes to you. It is clear. It is true. It is natural. You thank the powers of nature that have once more brought quiet to the distant reaches of the radio-swept air. You are grateful to the broadcasters whose programs were never so enjoyable, so enchanting. You call down blessings upon the authority that has allotted to each station its proper place. And, if you are radio-wise, you will be thankful that you bought a new set of "B" batteries to make the most out of radio's newest and most glorious season.
Harley Davidson Ad: Fore-wheel brake
Fore-wheel brake First time in America! The most advanced models in the history of the motorcycle industry, with improvements that are being talked about from coast to coast. Outstanding feature for 1928 is the Fore-Wheel Brake — doubled safety. Other improve-ments are: Throttle controlled motor oiler—air cleaner—positive gearshift lock gate. Greater stability! Increased safety! Longer […]
The Conflict Between Science and Religion
A Discussion by Leaders in American Life, with an Introduction By BRUCE BARTON Author of "The Man Nobody Knows" and "The Book Nobody Knows" THE printing of these statements is a public service. It ought to bring us closer to the day when the absurd phrase "the conflict between science and religion" will be permanently in the discard. When theologians presume to prescribe the boundaries of truth they put themselves in the impossible position of most of their predecessors through the Middle Ages. When scientists presume to announce that man is merely material, coming from nothing and bound nowhere, and that the universe is a meaningless riddle, they are equally out of their depth.
New Flying Battleship
New Flying Battleship Huge All-Metal Biplane, Tested for Uncle Sam, Carries Six Guns and four Tons of Deadly Bombs NEW war terrors are forecast on this page in our artist’s conception of the new giant bomber, the Curtiss “Condor” swooping down to destroy an industrial center. From its three two-gun nests machine gunners pour streams […]